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    Langfang City is in the central east of Hebei Province, by the Capital Beijing on the North, Tianjin on the East, Cangzhou on the South and the ancient city—Baoding on the West.Being situated

between Beijing and Tianjin, and in the hinterland of Bohai Economic Rim, Langfang is well-known as “the bright pearl on the corridor of Beijing and Tianjin”, “the corridor (Lang) connecting Beijing and Tianjin and the lane (Fang) around Bohai Sea region”. In April 1989, Langfang was approved as the prefecture-level city under provincial jurisdiction by the State Council, which now governs two districts--Guangyang and Anci, two county-level cities--Sanhe and Bazhou, and six counties--Dachang, Xianghe, Yongqing, Gu’an, Wen’an and Dacheng. It covers an area of 6,429 square kilometers with the main urban area of 54 square kilometers. By the end of 2014, the total population of Langfang city has reached to 4,601,000, GRDP has achieved 217.60 billion yuan and total financial revenue 25.14 billion yuan.


  Unique Location Advantage.Langfang is in the geographic center of urban agglomeration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, lies between two cosmopolitan cities(Beijing and Tianjin), and all the 10 counties (cities and districts) under its jurisdiction bordered on Beijing and Tianjin. As “the Corridor and Golden Mile between Beijing and Tianjin”, its urban area is 40 kilometers to Tian’anmen Square in Beijing, 60 kilometers to the central area of Tianjin, 70 kilometers to the two large airports of Beijing and Tianjin, 100 kilometers to Tianjin Port and closely neighbors the Beijing New Airport under planning. With 8 expressways and 5 trunk railways running through as well as 11 national and provincial highways crisscrossing, Langfang is one of the densest areas of railways and highways in China.


  Long History.4000 years ago, “the Yellow Emperor passed Anxu first when he administered the land under heaven for building all the countries”, “Anxu” is now the Anci District. During the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period, the present territory of Langfang belonged to the Yan State, and Yuyang county and Guangyang county in Qin Dynasty, Youzhou and Jizhou in Han and Tang Dynasties respectively, Hebei east road and Nanjing avenue in Liao and Song Dynasties respectively, Zhongshu province in Yuan Dynasty, Shuntian District in Ming Dynasty and Zhili province in Qing Dynasty. At the end of Qing Dynasty, the Boxers had achieved the “Langfang Victory” against the Eight-Power Allied Forces. In the early days after liberation, it was called Tianjin subprovincial administrative region. In 1969, the administrative center was moved to Langfang from Tianjin and was called Langfang Prefecture in 1974. In 1989, the prefecture was canceled and the city was set up, the administrative system of city leading counties was implemented.


  Prosperous Arts and Humanities. So many celebrities emerged in Langfang, such as the famous litterateur Zhang Hua in the Western Jin Dynasty, the great poet Wang Zhihuan in Tang Dynasty, the famous minister Lv Duan in the Northern Song Dynasty characterized by “penny foolish and pound wise”, the great litterateur Su Xun in Song Dynasty and the famous minister Shi Tianze in Yuan Dynasty, the peasant uprising leaders Liu Liu and Liu Qi in Ming Dynasty, and many excellent representatives such as Dong Haichuan--the world-famous founder of the Eight Diagrams Palm, [ View Detail ]

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