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Dachang Industrial Park

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 Dachang Industrial Park is a provincial industrial park approved by Hebei provincial government in 2006. Located between the 6th and 7th ring road of eastern Beijing and encircled by Beijing and Tianjin municipalities directly under the central authority, it enjoys exceptional location advantages. The planning area is 20 square kilometers where 4.5 square kilometers area has been developed and the “Seven Connections and One Leveling” has been completed. In recent years, depending on the favorable location, traffic, infrastructure, policy condition and excellent service environment, the park has already become the ideal place for enterprises moving out of Beijing, funds moving from south to north and enterprise settlement. The park takes equipment manufacturing, printing, new building materials, biologic pharmacy, etc as the leading industries. At present, Beijing Shougang Group, BBMG group and other large state-owned enterprises have already settled here, so the park has become one of the vigorous and well-known development zones around Beijing.

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