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Bazhou (Shengfang) Metal Glass Furniture Industrial Park

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 Bazhou (Shengfang) Metal Glass Furniture Industrial Park is a provincial industry accumulation area with 31.2 square kilometers planning area. It grows up by taking advantage of three major opportunities, namely the rising of the economic circle “around Bohai Sea”, the construction of hi-tech industry zone around Beijing and Tianjin and “northward moving of south fund”. Relying on the perfect industrial resources of Shengfang, it closely focuses on four central tasks, namely “extension of industrial chain, upgrade of industrial technology, expansion of enterprise scale and creation of famous brands” to improve the regional competitive power of metal glass furniture and act in line with the international practice and construct a technical, developing, ecologic and landscape industrial accumulation area and a modern “Metal Glass Furniture Industry Base” with high technical content and less energy consumption in China and even the world. The Park takes metal working, glass working and plate processing as the three major supporting industries, iron and steel smelting, modern logistics and metal surface treatment as the auxiliary industries, new material, modern equipment manufacturing and food processing with high additional value, strong bringing force and extensive market prospect as the superior industries to develop a modern industry system of perfect union.

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