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2016 LangFang Key Project Introduction - Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Projects

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The project of water treatment and purification agent


  Project Content: the project covers an area of 50 mu, with a total construction area of 18000 square meters, construction of 5 water purification agent production line and supporting facilities.

  Investment Estimation and Fund Source: the total investment of the project is 20 million USD, and the amount of foreign capital to be utilized is 8 million USD.

  Market Analysis:the water treatment industry, the formation and development along with the rapid economic development and urban industrialization process, the water resources shortage and environmental awareness enhancement for the water treatment industry development and expansion of the raw power and the huge market.

  Benefit Analysis: the expected output value of 10 million USD, tax 1 million USD.

  Construction Conditions: the project is located in Sanhe Economic Development Zone, close to MiZhuo expressway, JingQin expressway, 102 National Road, convenient transportation, perfect facilities.

  General Description of Chinese Sponsor:  Sanhe Sanyou building materials Co., Ltd. is a large integrated group of companies, registered capital of 300 million yuan, with precast concrete professional Erji qualification, the annual production capacity of 7.5 million cubic meters of concrete, 7000 million yuan in output value, annual tax 300 million yuan.

  Cooperative Form: joint venture or cooperation

  Contact Person: CHEN Yong Jin


  Fax: 0086-03163180015

  Address: Changsheng Street,Sanhe,hebei,No.82

  Post Code: 065200

  E-mail: 13932644050@139.com


The project of Air purifying equipment production


  Project Content: Air purifying equipment production

  Investment Estimation and Fund Source: Covering an area of 200 mu, the total investment is $20 million. It proposes to utilize $10 million of foreign capital.

  Market Analysis:The air purifying equipment can efficiently filter or kill air contaminants, such as air particles, bacteria, virus, fungus spores, pollen and asbestos. It helps clean the air and improve the quality of it.

  Benefit Analysis: After completion and production, the project is expected to achieve an annual output of $30 million.

  Construction Conditions: With flat land and convenient transportation, the region has good infrastructure.

  General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Sanhe Yuantong kangjing technology co., ltd.

  Cooperative Form: Joint venture or cooperation.

  Contact Way

  Contact Person: Jia Lei


  Fax: 0086-316- 3314044

  Address: 1 Xinggong East Street,Yanjiao, East of Beijing, China

  Post Code: 101601          

  E-mail: jwq@yanjiao.gov.cn


Manufacturing 600 Sets of Environment-Friendly Energy Saving Equipments Annually


  Project Description: To cover an area of 60 MU, it will build up Production workshops, storage, warehouse, office building and ancillary facilities amounting to 17,500-square-meter construction area.

  Investment Estimate and Sources: The total investment amounts to 20 million USD, among which 7 million USD will be solicited.

  Market Analysis: Energy conservation is good to environment, and has a good market prospect.

  Construction Conditions: Infrastructure is completed, land leveled and transportation convenient.

  Economic Returns: When putting into operation, the annual sales revenues is estimated to reach up to 150 million UDS, tax 30 million USD.

  Chinese Partner: Sanhe Industrial Park, the owner of this base, enjoys favorable geographical location with its seat in the east 45 kilometers away from Beijing Tiananmen and the Beijing Capital International Airport respectively. It has a well-developed transportation network with 102 National Highway, Jingqin Railway, Mizhuo Highway, Misan Highway, Daqin railway running through the area. Many enterprises have been settled down in the park.

  Cooperation Mode: Cooperation and Co-fund

  Contacts: LU Nan

  Tel: 0086-316-3459 195


The project of solar and boiler


  Project Content: The project covers an area of 60 mu, a total of 20000 square meters’ plant building, the factory equipped with advanced equipment, mainly produces solar, wall hanging boiler and related accessories.

Investment Estimation and Fund Source: The project total investment is 5.57 million dollars, The amount of foreign capital will be utilized $5 million.

Market Analysis: The project produces clean energy products, the development direction of the products encouraged by the China government and the products’ prospect is very good and the market demand is huge.

Benefit Analysis: The project expected value of 2016 is $20357000, sales revenue is $20357000, expected profit tax is $311000.

Construction Conditions: The products are produced in self-built factory with advanced imported equipment, mostly of which for export and required by customers.

  General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Viessmann Heating Technology Dachang Co., Ltd

  Cooperative Form: A wholly foreign owned

  Contact Person: Shen Yiran


  Fax: 0086-316- 7811099

  Address: Road 1,Dachang Industrial Zone South Area Langfang City Hebei Province PRC

  Post Code: 065302

  E-mail: shny@viessmann.com


Annual output of 100 sets of water treatment equipment and 60 sets of environmental protection equipment Project


  Project Content: The company covers an area of 60750.36 square meters, remove to collect area, the actual usable area of 54293.333 square meters.

  Investment Estimation and Fund Source: All projects with a total investment of $33.526 million, The amount of foreign capital will be utilized $6 million.

  Market Analysis:From 2005 to 2020, China's energy market will reach 18 trillion yuan, including renewable energy and energy saving, environmental protection market will reach 7 trillion yuan, an average of energy conservation and environmental protection market scale is 300 billion - 400 billion yuan a year.

  Benefit Analysis: Sales revenue, profit of $18.2 million, $27.5 million over taxes of $7.4743 million.

  Construction Conditions:Giant the chaobai river economic development zone, perfect supporting infrastructure.

  General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Hebei HengHua times environmental protection technology co., LTD

  Cooperative Form: Corporate joint venture

  Contact Person: Hong Wang


  Fax: 0086-316-8933066  

  Address: Langfang DaChang County fu xi road

  Post Code: 065300

  E-mail: hbhhss123@163.com



New energy charging pile New energy charging pile


  Project content: The proposed base in Hebei Xianghe Environmental Protection Industrial Park.Planned land area is 300 acres (270,000 m2), which covers an area of 100,000 square meters factory, office building covering 10,000 square meters. No less than investment construction charging poles2000.

  Investment and funding sources: A total investmeng of 100000000 US dollars

  Market analysis: The project in order to meet the market demand,To solve the new energy transportation system supporting construction, The enhancement enterprise market competition ability construction of the project; Not only can improve the economic benefit of enterprise, More can create considerable social benefits, More job opportunities Ease the employment pressure

  Economic benefit: Can improve the economic benefit of enterprise, More can create considerable social benefits, More job opportunities Ease the employment pressure

  Construction Conditions :The project site is located in Xianghe Environmental Protection Industrial Park,Xianghe environmental protection industrial park has implemented a nine Ping, complete infrastructure, convenient transportation

  General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Hebei first environmental protection industrial park management committee ,adhere to the "government, business, market operation" model of development, the guoxing investment co., Ltd. is responsible for the park's overall development, infrastructure construction, investment promotion and capital introduction work, at present, the park has implementation of nine on a flat, infrastructure construction is complete.

  Cooperative Form: sole proprietorship

  Contact Person: Huxuguang      


  Fax: 0086-316-8268988  

  Post Code: 065400       

  Address: Hebei first environmental protection industrial park management committee

  E-mail: xhjjgyy@sina.com


Guangyang Environmental Protection and Energy Saving New Material Production Base of Langfang


  Project content: It is located in Guangyang Economic Development Zone, Langfang, Hebei. The project covers an area of 2,000mu, which is mainly built to manufacture new-type environment protecting and energy saving building materials and other relevant products.

  Investment Estimation and Funding Sources: The total estimated investment of this project 0.8 billion dollars, among which the investment of fixed assets is 0.5 billion dollars and the circulating capital is 0.3 billion dollars.

  Market Analysis: The production and application of new energy saving and environment protecting materials are China's promotion and development in the building field, which is the inevitable trend of the construction and development of urban modernization. The new building material is a technical revolution in the construction industry, and its development will lead the construction industry towards a brand new development direction and model.

  Construction Condition: Guangyang Economic Development Zone of Langfang lies in the southeast corner of Langfang. It is bounded on the north by Langfang Economic Development Zone, on the south by Foxconn Industrial Park, on the west by the downtown area of Langfang and on the east by the boundary of Tianjin and the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Rail Freight Yard of Langfang. A unique location advantage depending on the central city, airports and seaports to develop the economy is formed.

  Investment Environment: The Guangyang Economic Development Zone of Langfang lies in the southeast of Langfang's main urban area with the planning area being 28 square kilometers. It is included in the present round of overall urban planning and overall planning for land utilization in Langfang, and this area is the only remaining piece of industrial land in the back-land of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region currently. The development zone has seven main roads at present, five of which are latitudinal and the other two are longitudinal.

  Cooperative Forms: Joint capital, collaboration and sole proprietorship

  Contact Persons: Wang Wei and Pang Zhenyu

  Company Name: Investment Promotion Department of Guangyang Economic Development Zone, Langfang, Hebei

  Contact Address: Midpiece, East Ring Road, Langfang

  Contact Number: 0086-316-2833888, 2833666

  Fax: 0086-316-2833900

  E-mail: lfgica@163.com         Website: www.lfgica.cn


The project of Energy saving and environmental protection equipment


  Project Content: The total project covers an area of 150 mu,  uilding  production workshop, warehouse  and otherpublic auxiliary facilities; an annual output of 1000 Taiwan (sets) of energy saving and environmental protection equipment production capacity. The project mainly products are boilersmoke and dust, waste water recycling, dust collecting dust, noise prevention and control ofpollution control equipment manufacturing.

  Investment Estimation and Fund Source: Projects with a total investment of  USD 93 million The self financing enterprises.

  Market Analysis:Manufacture of energy-saving environmental protection equipment is the State encourages the development of the sunrise industry. As the country to vigorously promote energy-saving emission reduction, development of circular economy, the development of the design and manufacture ofwastewater, waste gas, solid waste, noise control equipment, facilities, "and the comprehensive utilization of waste" governance has broad prospects for development.

  Benefit Analysis: After the completion of the project, the estimated annual sales income will be  USD 98 million.

  Construction Conditions: This Project is planned to be located in  Longhe High-tech Industry Zone. South Langfang, The total planned area of 37.5 square kilometers, of which a 28 kilometers, It is 40 kilometers and 60 kilometers distant from the downtown Beijing and Tianjin, respectively.Under the premise of remarkable geographic advantage, well-established infrastructure can be used to meet construction needs of this Project at various aspects.

  General Description of Chinese Sponsor: It is successively appraised as“Langfang Information Industry Base of National Plan for Medium- and Long-term Scientific and Technological Development”, “Provincial-level High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone and the first batch of “Provincial-level Industry Clustering Zone”. High-tech Industry Zone is located in Beijing and Tianjin municipalities, two golden point, a "three-ring" advantage Bohai Sea, around Beijing and Tianjin, Our park have intensive industries and wide horizo of development in the market.The traffic network made up of High-speed railway,expressway,railway transport,airport and port is very convenient.

  Cooperative Form: joint venture or cooperation

  Contact Way

  Contact Person: Sun Wenxin


  Fax: 0086-316-2670888

  Address: Anci District Office Building,No.39,Nanlong Road,Anci District,Langfang City,Hebei Province

  Post Code: 065000          E-mail: wenxinsun163@163.com


The project of Bazhou LNG automobile industrial park


  Project Content: This stage is to create a clean power base like cars, new energy electric vehicles like the future, the company will to clean and new energy vehicles as the main direction of future industrial development.

  Investment Estimation and Fund Source: $ 400 million.

  Market Analysis:In Bazhou center, within a radius of 500 kilometers, has a population of over one million city 11, the resident population of over 200 million, according to incomplete statistics, Beijing, Tianjin and buses ownership of nearly 100,000, taxi ownership nearly 200,000, nearly 60,000 heavy trucks.

  Construction Conditions:The park is located in Beijing, Tianjin, security triangle center, located in the middle of Bazhou, Gallery Cang inside the park exit speed, superior location and convenient transportation.

  Benefit Analysis: Relying on LNG energy supply LNG to develop clean energy vehicles and related products supporting industries, efforts to form a vehicle matching the demand-driven engine development, LNG storage and transportation, the production of the core components of a complete industrial chain.

  General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Located in the Golden Triangle Bazhou central location in Beijing, Tianjin and Baoding three cities, 70 km from Beijing, 70 kilometers from Tianjin, 65 kilometers from Baoding.

  Cooperative Form: Joint ventures, cooperation

  Contact Person: Fan Guodong


  Fax: 0086-316-7867316

  Address: Bazhou administrative center Room 1611

  Post Code: 065700         E-mail:bzzsfwzx@163.com


The Project of Annual Output of 1 million Sets of Natural Gas Wall-hanging Stove


  Project Content: The project covers an area of 90 mu, planning to construct a floorage of 50000 square meters, purchasing 3 production lines, 180 sets of production equipment.

  Investment Estimation and Fund Source: The total investment of the project is 33 million dollars. The company is to self-raise all the funds.

  Market Analysis: In terms of domestic current form of wall-hanging stove, the scale of this industry is smaller, and the market from different regions supply difference is relatively large .But the environment of overall development exists, the wall-hanging stoves have definite development space. It also shows the necessity of the company should hold their ground to strengthen technology research and development. Nowadays many wall-hanging stoves brand can provide a guidance for the small enterprise. In order to get a bigger progress, you should learn from large enterprises, at the same time we need the precipitation of time and the accumulation of experience. The marketing pattern of wall-hanging stoves also need to change, because there is difference among regions So the sales mode of wall-hanging stoves is dominated by retail market and  be rolled out soon, which will bring a greater development to wall-hanging stoves.

  Construction Conditions: The project will be located in Wenan Industrial Park, Hebei; this site without pollution, better environmental quality, accessibility, so this selection is feasible.

  Benefit Analysis: It will offer jobs to 300 people, with annual sales income of 49 million dollars, profit of 49 million dollars, sales tax of 3.6 million dollars.

  General Description of Chinese Sponsor: The wall-hanging stove from Langfang Zhongsheng Gas Equipment co., Ltd adopts a kind of totally enclosed anaerobic electrolytic copper high-efficiency heat exchanger whose the thermal efficiency has more than 90% and this statistic has beyond the national standard. It possesses four anti-freezing functions. Low pressure start design will meet the needs of consumers from high-rise and low water pressure; Breakdown self check function, real-time microcomputer control system for all kinds of working condition of self-inspection, once happening abnormal situation, it will display with code and alarm prompt; It has the following outstanding safety performance, such as resistance to electromagnetic interference, over temperature and overpressure, anti-dry, anti- downdraft, anti-stall. Project equipment adopts German technology.     

  Cooperative Form: Joint venture or cooperation.

  Contact Person: Li Jian

  Tel: 15930466666

  Address: Wenan Industrial Park       

  Post Code: 065800


The project of the Center Construction of LED Lighting Fitting


  Project Content: The Project covers an area of 25 mu with the area of Construction Trade Center workshops and office buildings amounting to 11000 square meters.

  Investment Estimation and Fund Source: The total investment of the project is 18.5 million dollars.

  Market Analysis: With the global energy crisis and the increasing

demand of environmental protection, low power consuming and long life semiconductor lighting has been regarded as an important way to conserve energy and protect environment, the major nations’ governments of the world pay highly attention to semiconductor lighting and launch semiconductor lighting plans successively, which has presented a trend of breaking the encirclement of semiconductor lighting technology globally. The semiconductor lighting industry centering on LED is the most promising new high-tech industry, which is triggering a global revolution of lighting source and display.

  Construction Conditions: The site selection address is in the southern of Yuanqu road of industrial district of Wen’an with convenient traffic and construction land.

  Benefit Analysis: Once in production, the sale proceeds will be 21,2 million dollars and the profit and tax 1.38 million dollars.

    General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Beijing Qiuming Lighting Equipment Corporation was set up in 2010. The whole corporation has 140 employers with the total assets be 430 million yuan, this corporation has reached the technical merit of researching and developing new products and LED household lighting products, and it also possesses the ability of researching and developing products of powerful lighting series. The major products of the company are LED high power spot light, household ceiling, modularized LED display screen. The modularized LED display screen can change its size flexibly as required and operate independently without computer with the special effects of flashing and rolling display.

  Cooperative Form: Sole proprietorship

  Contact Person: Lv Shunlai

  Tel: 13784783888

  Fax: 0086-316-5392588

  Address: Wen’an Industry New District

  Post Code: 065803           E-mail: xwnc588@126.com


The project of AC Direct Drive LED Lighting Device Photoelectric Series Products Production


  Project Content: The project covers an area of 100 mu, planning to construct a floorage of 53222 square meters of workshops, storehouses, scientific buildings, office buildings, staff apartment and leisure living facilities and so on. The Project will purchase 411 sets of production and  accessories equipment. It can fulfill the annual output of 17.4264 million meters of LED light; 36000 square meters of display screen; 3.6 million units of landscape lamp; 2.88 million units of Wind energy, solar lighting lamps and lanterns .

  Investment Estimation and Fund Source: The total investment of the project is 27.42million dollars. The company is to self-raise all the funds.

   Market Analysis: In order to save energy and sources, the project can lower the production of carbon dioxide, and has no harmful substances, and industrial waste, which achieving the development of  high efficiency and low cost. It will make a certain contribution for industrialization society in the future. LED light source, as the fourth generation of lighting lamps and lanterns, which are environmental, energy saving, long life, has sprung up everywhere and been obtained wide attention. It is developing rapidly, like a raging fire. At present, LED light source is a kind of semiconductor devices with low voltage, high current. In order to attach normal light, it has to be provided by appropriate DC. DC drive LED light source technology has been more and more mature. Because the light power source of we daily used is high voltage alternating current (ac), there is no an alternating current (ac) direct drive LED device, the market prospect is very broad.

  Construction Condition: As an ideal place to build the project, it has superior geographical position and convenient traffic. Except that, this region has a set of complete infrastructure and better necessary condition. All of these can speed up the construction progress and make the project put into production as soon as possible, so we can see the benefits earlier.

  Benefit Analysis: The total investment of the project is 50million dollars. The project plans to fulfill annual output value of 82 million dollars, profits of 8.2 million dollars, arrange thousands of workers..

  Cooperative Form: Joint venture or cooperation

  Contact Person: Li Xuebin

  Tel: 13673263098       Fax: 0086-316-5093344

  Address: Xinqiao Farm Office of Wen’an

  Post Code: 065800       E-mail: waxqgyq@163.com


The Project of the Production of Indoor Multi-purpose Window Radiator Accessories Production


  Project Contents: The project covers an area of 60 mu, planning to construct a floorage of 22760 square meters of workshops, storehouses, scientific buildings, office buildings, staff apartment and leisure living facilities and so on. The Project will purchase 50 sets of production  accessories equipment. Main products are wooden doors, security doors accessories for wooden door and security door installation.

  Investment Estimation and Fund Source: The total investment of the project is 27.42million dollars. The company is to self-raise all the funds.

  Market Analysis: In the 21st century, the real estate market in China is growing at rate of more than 20%. Doors and Windows, as the most important part of the building, the area are accounted for 20% -30% of the whole building construction. Energy-saving Windows and doors is the key to improve the building energy conservation in our country, so the research and promotion to the new type insulation energy-saving doors and windows is the inevitable trend of this industry.

  Construction Condition: As an ideal place to build the project, it has superior geographical position and convenient traffic. Except that, this region has a set of complete infrastructure and better necessary condition. All of these can speed up the construction progress and make the project put into production as soon as possible, so we can see the benefits earlier.

  Benefit Analysis: The total investment of the project is 27.42million dollars. The project plans to fulfill annual output value of 37 million dollars, profits of 1 million dollars, arrange 600 workers.

  Cooperative Form: Joint venture or cooperation

  Contact Person: Liu Shaogang

  Tel: 13931670665

  Fax: 0086-316-5093344

  Address: Xinqiao Farm Office of Wenan

  Post Code:065800

  E-mail: waxqgyq@163.com


The Project of Annual Output of 800KVA Amorphous Alloy Transformer and 2000 Units of Box-type Substation


  Project Contents: The project covers an area of 50 mu, planning to construct a floorage of 26700 square meters and surface hardening of 4000 square meters. Green area reaches to 75%, plot ratio reaches to 80%. Also it will purchase 165 sets of equipment.

  Investment Estimation and Fund Source: The total investment of the project is 24.16 million dollars and attract other investment 7.5million dollars. The company is to self-raise all the funds.

 Market Analysis: As the development of Chinas economy, Electricity demand appear a rapid growth trend. The market demand gap of  environmentally friendly  transformer  is so large . It can present at many society units ,such as  agency, business, community, factories and mines enterprises, schools. Amorphous alloy transformer is the most advanced and energy-saving products in our China with huge potential  in market development.

   Construction Conditions: The project site is Hebei Wenan Suqiao Cui jia fang industrial park, where is about 110 kilometers away from Beijing and Tianjin, and with abundant resources, convenient traffic and advanced communication.

  Benefit Analysis: Once in production, the project can form the capacity of annual output of 800KVA Amorphous alloy transformer and 2000 units of Box-type substation.  

  General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Langfang Tian hua transformer manufacturing co., LTD. Is a private enterprise, which mainly produces amorphous transformer and dry type transformer and its products mainly apply to HuaBei bureau bidding and the national industrial and mining enterprises and the community subway. The company has the asset of 5 million dollars, 80 employees, once was titled as Wen'an county the star enterprise and creditworthy company of Hebei province.

  Cooperative Form: Joint venture or cooperation

  Contact Person: Huang Xueyun

  Tel: 0086-316-13833613808

  Post Code:065805


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