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2016 LangFang Key Project Introduction - Modern agriculture Projects

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Deep Processing Agricultural Products

     Project Description: To cover an area of 300 MU, it will build up production workshops, storage, warehouse, office building and ancillary facilities. It specializes in vegetables and fruits in-depth processing.

    Investment Estimate and Sources: The total investment amounts to 170 million USD, among which 70 million USD will be solicited.

    Market Analysis: Modern agriculture industry has a good market prospect.

    Construction Conditions: Infrastructure is completed, land leveled and transportation convenient.

    Economic Returns: When putting into operation, the annual sales revenues is estimated to reach up to 130 million UDS, tax 16 million USD.

    Chinese Partner: Sanhe Industrial Park, the owner of this base, enjoys favorable geographical location with its seat in the east 45 kilometers away from Beijing Tiananmen and the Beijing Capital International Airport respectively. It has a well-developed transportation network with 102 National Highway, Jingqin Railway, Mizhuo Highway, Misan Highway, Daqin railway running through the area. Many enterprises have been settled down in the park.

    Cooperation Mode: Cooperation and Co-fund

Contacts:   LU Nan  

Tel: 0086-316-3459195

Organic Edible Fungus cultivation Project

 Project content: mainly construct processing workshops, office buildings for detection (including testing laboratories and information centers), service facilities for vegetables, detection system, service system for safe vegetables, etc.

Construction Scale: It has an area of 40,000 square meters and cultivates 2 million bags of edible fungus and 1 million bags of lentinus edodes annually.

Investment Estimation and Funding Sources: The proposed investment of this project is 10.4 million dollars.

Market and Economic Effectiveness Analysis: The annual output value is 31.2 million yuan and the profit and tax is 5 million yuan. This project has good social and economic benefits.

Company Profile: Henan Shenzhong Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August, 2005 with its registered capital of 1 million yuan. It is the leading company of the scientific agricultural industrialization in our country, integrating the production, processing, detection, packing, delivery and marketing of green vegetables.

Cooperative Forms: The Company operates autonomously, adopting the pattern of company plus cooperatives plus peasant household.

Contact Company: Henan Shenzhong Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact Persons: Sun Boli

Tel: 0086-316-2165467

Fax: 0086-316-2165486


Project of Deep Processing of Carrots

 Project content: mainly construct the processing workshops, the office buildings for detection (including testing laboratories and information centers), service facilities for vegetables, detection system and service system for safe vegetables, etc.

Investment Estimation and Funding Sources: 11 million dollars.

Market and Economic Effectiveness Analysis: The annual sale income is 35 million yuan; the annual profit is 12 million yuan; tax to be paid is 1.2 million yuan; and the payback period of this investment is 3.5 years. This project has good social and economic benefits.

Construction Scale: It covers an area of 45,000 square meters, with the construction area of 15,000 square meters and produces 3,500 tons of concentrated carrot juice annually.

Company Profile: Shaanxi Taibai Green Farm Vegetable Co., Ltd was founded in October 2005, with the registered capital of 5 million yuan. It is a leading technology-based company of agriculture industrialization in China, integrating green vegetable production, processing, detection, packaging, distribution and sales.

Cooperative Forms: The Company operates autonomously, adopting the pattern of company plus cooperatives plus peasant household.

Contact Company: Shaanxi Taibai Lvnong Vegetables Co., Ltd.

Contact Persons: Sun Boli

Contact Number: 0086-316-2165467

Fax: 0086-316-2165486


Guangyang Modern Agricultural Tourism Industry Base


Project content: It is located in Guangyang Economic Development Zone, Langfang, Hebei. The project covers an area of 4,000mu, with a total construction area of 2.4 million square meters. It is used mainly to build modernized agricultural planting (breeding) bases, recumbent agricultural life experiencing bases, green agricultural food production and processing workshops, modernized storage warehouses, office and service areas, monitoring and testing offices, and subsidiary facilities construction.

Investment Estimation and Funding Sources: The project is expected to have a total investment of 2 billion yuan, among which the construction fund is 1.4 billion yuan and the circulating fund is 0.6 billion yuan.

Market Analysis: The construction of the project is based on agriculture, vigorously developing the agriculture industrialization. The way of characteristic agriculture is taken with the focus on rural flavor. The functions of effective ecological agriculture such as equipment cultivation, ecological breeding, three-dimensional cultivation and breeding as well as cultivation and breeding integration can be developed to meet the consumer psychology of variation, difference, freshness, peculiarity and beauty.

Economic Effectiveness Analysis: After the project goes into operation, normally sales revenue of 1 billion yuan and a sales profit of 420 million yuan can be realized annually with the profit ratio of investment being 22.1% and the investment payback period being 4.5 years.

Construction Condition: Guangyang Economic Development Zone of Langfang lies in the southeast corner of Langfang. It is bounded on the north by Langfang Economic Development Zone, on the south by Foxconn Industrial Park, on the west by the downtown area of Langfang and on the east by the boundary of Tianjin and the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Rail Freight Yard of Langfang. A unique location advantage depending on the central city, airports and seaports to develop the economy is formed.

Investment Environment:  The Guangyang Economic Development Zone of Langfang lies in the southeast of Langfang's main urban area with the planning area being 28 square kilometers. It is included in the present round of overall urban planning and overall planning for land utilization in Langfang, and this area is the only remaining piece of industrial land in the back-land of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region currently. The development zone has seven main roads at present, five of which are latitudinal and the other two are longitudinal. The roads have a total length of 15 kilometers which meets the construction conditions of "nine connections and one leveling".

Cooperative Forms: Joint capital, collaboration and sole proprietorship

Contact Persons: Wang Wei and Pang Zhenyu

Company Name: Investment Promotion Department of Guangyang Economic Development Zone, Langfang, Hebei

Contact Address: Midpiece, East Ring Road, Langfang

Contact Number: 0086-316-2833888, 2833666

Fax: 0086-316-2833900

E-mail: lfgica@163.com

Website: www.lfgica.cn


Expanding Scale and Dairy Product Processing Project of Changping Dairy Farm


Project content: utilize the existing breeding base to expand the scale of cow breeding, having the cow herds been above 2,500; add dairy production equipment and build new cow houses and plants with 10,000 square meters.

Investment Estimation and Funding Sources: The total investment of the project is 30 million usd, including external capital of 10 million usd.

Market and Economic Effectiveness Analysis: With the gradual improvement of people's living standard and the transformation of nutrition concept, the market demand of dairy products is rising year by year and the consumer group of fresh milk and relevant dairy products is increasing day by day. According to the estimation, just in Langfang, the amount of the dairy products demanded every day is about 40 thousand kilograms; it is very promising to build a relatively large-scale breeding base of cows and a processing and production base of dairy products to supplement the market and consumption demands of Langfang. If the completion of the project has the cow herds reached 4,000, the daily milk production will reach 46,000 kilograms with an annual income of 68 million yuan and an annual profit of 20 million yuan; the payback period of this investment is 3.5 years.

Construction Scale: To construct a breeding company integrating breeding, processing and selling.

Company Profile: Changping Dairy Farm in Guangyang District, Langfang was established in 2004; it covers an area of 500mu (33.3 hectares), with a plant area of 5,000 square meters. It has fixed asset valued 12 million yuan. There are 15 employees and 3 senior technicians. At present, the farm has 1,500 cows and an annual net profit of 1 million yuan.

Cooperative Forms: joint venture, cooperative or joint stock

Contact Persons: Fan Xu

Company Name: Wanzhuang Town People's Government, Langfang

Contact Number: 0086-316-6013444 

Fax: 0086-316-6012181

Mailing Address: Guangyang District, Langfang, Hebei, Wanzhuang Town People's Government


The Project of Green Vegetable Base in Wanzhuang Town


Project content: The base, integrating production and sales, will be made into a vegetable storage station and packing factory, covering an area of 3000 square kilometers.

Investment Estimation and Funding Sources: The proposed investment is 12.9 million usd.

Market and Economic Effectiveness Analysis: Through the investigation and analysis of Beijing and Tianjin markets, the demand for green vegetables in both areas has been increasing and the consumers have been no longer satisfied with eating full and eating well with the improvement of people's living standards in recent years. They have put forward higher requirements on vegetables-healthy eating. It will certainly promote the development of green vegetables, and the establishment of Green Vegetable Base in our town will certainly have brilliant and broad prospects for future development. This project will be finished in 3 years as estimated. After its completion, the estimated sales will be 20 million yuan per year with the sales profit reaching 0.8 million yuan. The profit rate of investment will be 10% and the investment will be paid back in 10 years as expected.

Construction Scale: Using the land of the villages growing vegetable originally in our town to build a Green Vegetable Base occupying 1000 mu with the greenhouse mainly and also the outdoor planting.

Company Profile: Our town is adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin. The west is 50 km to Beijing urban area and the east is 60 km to Tianjin urban area. There is a a large population in Beijing and Tianjin and the consumption market of vegetables is vast. We are the largest vegetable provider for these 2 areas and have also introduced the Hi-tech Development Zone of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, which brings new development opportunities to our Green Vegetable Base project and changes the old vegetable planting mode. Developing modern agriculture applying high and new technology has a broad and promising prospect.

Cooperative Forms: Cooperative

Contact Information: Contacts: Fan Xu

Unit Name: Wanzhuang Town People's Government of Langfang

Contact Number: 0086-316-6013444   Fax: 0086-316-6012181

Mailing Address: Guangyang District, Langfang, Hebei


Yongqing Jingnan modern agricultural garden Project


Project content:Organic recycling agriculture、ecological breeding、organic vegetables、nursery planting

Investment estimation and financing source :Projects with a total investment of $38 million.

Market analysis:Agriculture ecological garden project, the product can be successfully covered Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, vegetables and meat supply, agricultural production to organic food, green food, pollution-free products transformation, put forward agricultural products production and operation of the market direction. With the increasing improvement of living standard, the green consumption in the domestic and international market is to represent the general trend. According to the market survey, currently on the market with organic, green certification of agricultural products is 3-5 times the average prices of agricultural products, and in short supply. The project to carry out the production of organic green fruit, good market efficiency.

The construction condition:According to Financial calculations and analysis, the annual revenues of project (After whole Base operations, the year average) can be $ 38 million, include $ 20 million gross profit, $ 18 million after-tax profit, $ 1 million income tax.

Economic benefit analysis :Financial calculation and analysis, the project (all put into its annual average) annual revenue of $4.5 million, the annual total profit of $2.2 million, annual profit after tax of $1.2 million. Income tax of $1 million

China to undertake unit overview: hebei built cast urbanization construction development co., LTD., was approved by the hebei provincial government, integration of industry resources within by hebei construction group, was founded in July 2013 a according to the construction of urbanization and urban infrastructure investment, development of specialized enterprises, the initial registered capital of 200 million yuan.

Method of cooperation: equity cooperation


Telephone: 0086-311-85288968

E-mail: libaogang521@sina.com

Address: 5 floor,Block A,Yuyuan Plaza,No.9 Yuhua West Road,Shijiazhuang,Hebei,P.R.China


The Project of Annual Output of 2.5million Jin Greenhouse Peach Planting


Project Content: The Project covers an area of 600mu, planning to give a total investment 3.2million dollars. It adopts steel greenhouses, water saving irrigation, no pesticides and pollution-free. The project mainly produces more than a dozen kinds of flat peach, such as butter, spring snow, Beijing red and so on, with the output of 2.5 million jin per-year, and mainly sold to Beijing, Tianjin and other big cities.

Investment estimation and funds resource: The total investment is 3.2million U.S.dollar and the company will plan to bring in 1.5million U.S.dollar

Market Analysis: The Xiantao was sold by 8-12yuan per kilogram in 2013, and it turns on short supply in Beijing market and with a wide prospect of market.  

Construction Condition: The project site is close to G106, flat and level,100 kilometers away from Beijing and Tianjin, and the transportation is convenient.

Economic Benefit Analysis: Once in production, the project can fulfill more than 4 thousand jin per mu for 3 years and annual output can reach 2.5million jin, achieve a normal annual sales income of 2.4 million dollars, profit 1.9 million dollars.

General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Wen'an Yinong agricultural professional cooperatives was established in 2012.12, with the registered capital of 1.2 million dollars, the legal representative Dong Baoli and located in Wen'an county Xing Longgong town, Xia village. It owns 4100 mu of planting base. The project has invested 1.3 million dollars for having built a bridge of fresh keeping storehouse with 720 cubic meters and fresh cellar 1080 cubic meters. Its electricity facilities basically put in place with having drilled 5 eye of well. Now it plans to plant 50 mu of  shed peach, 200 mu of land peach and 150 mu of peach trees.

Cooperative Form: Joint venture or cooperation

Contact Person: Dong Baoli

Tel: 0086-316-13603365138

    Fax: 0086-316-5115841

    Address: Wenan county Xing Longgong town, Xia village  

    Post Code: 065800

    E-mail: zhangcheng158@126.com

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