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2015 LangFang Key Project Introduction - Infrastructure Projects

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The new county South Perimeter project

Project content: South Perimeter span 3,500 metres. Road for three road design, which the width of 16 metres and suffered the green belt three metres, the three-metre sidewalks, the slow track five metres, 46 metres of road red line. Major construction projects including the roadbed, road, Upper and Lower pipe network, electricity, communication lines and green, tailored and beautify matching works.  
Investment Estimation and Fund Source:The total investment in 25 million Yuan, In which foreign capital of 20 million yuan.  
Road status : Dachang county area 3.5 square km, the existing road system for three to five vertical and horizontal, with the constant economic development, the vehicles has increased, urban congestion occur from time to time, to alleviate overcrowding in urban roads, the new county South Perimeter.  
Investment-benefit analysis : the completion of the project will be a high standard of municipal roads, the road will not only alleviate overcrowding in urban areas, may also improve the city's landscape, improve the city adsorption capacity. At the same time as road-building, land on both sides of appreciation, real estate development prospects look good.  
Modalities of cooperation : cooperative construction or financing  
Address : Dachang County Bureau  
Contact: Liu zhili  
Tel : 0086-316-8822449  
Postcode : 065300            
Please Wing Industrial Park City complex project

Project Content: Major equipment: central air conditioning, management software, hot water circulating pump , air compressor, sewage pumps, etc.; After the project is operational , the annual passenger can accommodate 1.8 million passengers.
Investment Estimation and Fund Source: Projects with a total investment of $330.98 million, utilization of foreign capital of $32.52 million.
Market Analysis:Due to the current urban customer base mostly engaged in mental work, have a certain material basis , there is the ability to pursue high-end residential and strong will , and generally well-educated, with strong professional knowledge and professional competence and the corresponding household spending power, thus most of the pursuit of quality of life, longing for a high quality of life. The construction of the park complex is mainly Yongqing Industrial Park of central enterprises , journalism, publishing , digital printing and packaging industries of national service .
Benefit Analysis: The project is expected to total sales revenue of 641.45 million yuan . Profits of 520.98 million yuan , profit of 390.73 million yuan .
Construction Conditions:Yongqing Industrial Area currently has invested 580 million yuan for infrastructure construction , has reached " a seven-level ", ie roads, water supply , drainage, electricity, gas , telecommunications, cable television networks unobstructed , land leveling .
General Description of Chinese Sponsor:Masuda Investment Development Co., Ltd. is located in Langfang Yongqing industrial area, is a commercial, manufacturing , tourism, education and new technology , new product development, the business scope of investment shares, the registered capital of 140 million yuan , the exclusive contract Yongqing industrial zone development, construction and management. Legal representative: Li Yutian .
Cooperative Form:joint venture, cooperation .
Contact Way Contact Person:  SiXin Li
Tel:(0)15127686961     0086-316 -6691727
Fax:0086-316 -6691479
E-mail: yttzxmb@126.com
Address:Hebei Yongqing Industrial Park Nanshan Building , Post Code: 065600

Yongqing urban planning exhibition hall project

Project content: The project covers an area of 36287 square metres (54.43 acres), including: building covers an area of 5082 square meters; road hardening of 15964.46 square meters; green covers an area of 15240.54 square meters. The main construction of a 3 storey exhibition hall, including the exhibition area, conference area, office area, logistics area, plant areas, corridors and other.
The investment estimation and fund sources: The project total investment is 43.465 million dollars, utilization of foreign capital of $15 million
Yongqing county:Established the development orientation of Langfang new urban district, Beijing new space ". Focus on the great cultural consumption market is formed by the Beijing Tianjin radiation, relying on Yongqing "Song Liao war history and culture, Yongding river course style culture, modern agriculture and leisure tourism culture" of the three major cultural heritage, hired well-known cultural and creative design of mechanism, the traditional classical culture and modern science and technology, art means high integration, the introduction of a number of human history characteristics, highlight the geographical advantage, gives the modern connotation of the high level of cultural experience products, build reputation of Beijing's cultural experience and leisure tourism destination.
Construction conditions: The project location traffic developed, information flow, a beautiful environment, complete and perfect, the geographical position is superior, the project surrounding cultural landscape and natural protection zone, the overall construction meet the requirements of the overall planning of urban development in Yongqing county.
General description of Chinese enterprise: Yongqing Dingtai Park Construction Development Co. Ltd. is located in Yongqing County on the eastern side of the road, PA Lang broom street south. Hu Xuewen legal representative. The registered capital of 200 million yuan. Scope: Construction and management of park infrastructure; land consolidation.
Cooperation: sole proprietorship
Contact: Wang Fengchun   
Tel: (0)15612612888
The project of industial park development

Project Content: Using Advanced application of the idea of Zhongguancun science&technology park development and operation,to development and constraction  daqinghe economic zone. The average estimate of the primary land development will be more than 1,000 acres,and invest of  500 million yuan.
Investment Estimation and Fund Source:  Total investment of 283 million U.S.dollar.
Market Analysis:As the upper reaches of  thereal estate industry, the primary land development plays a vital role in the whole city resource utilization. With the scarcity of land supply in Beijing, and increasing
Benefit Analysis: The expected annual investment of 80 million U.S.dollar, 105 U.S.dollar in revenue, tax of 10
Construction Conditions: Surrounding the park need to achieve eight supplies and one leveling.
General Description of Chinese Sponsor:Mainly engaged in the science and Technology Park Development and construction, Industry promotion, operation and management. Zhongguancun Innovation Park, Zhongguancun environmental protection park,and  Zhongguancun Shangdi information industry base.
Cooperative Form: Sole cooperation
Contact Way        Contact Person:  Liuze 
Fax: 0086-010-62981495 
Address: Information building block B level 3, Shangdi information Road No.28, Haidian District, Beijing.
Post Code:  100085 
E-mail:  liuze_6170@263.ne
The project of Incubated Electromechanical Park 

Project Content:Hebei Casting Nest Mechanical  & Electrical Technology co., LTD. is a science and technology business incubator ,mainly engaged in providing comprehensive services for mechanical and electronic industry.
Market Analysis:The upstream and downstream industry will be driven by the developing of the large mechanical and electrical business .Our incubator will continually help  the incubating
Benefit Analysis: The output of our mechanical and electrical  hatchery is expected to  RMB 1.2 billion( US$200 million), the sales will be RMB 1 billion( US$167 million)
Construction Conditions:Our electromechanical park is planned to be finished within 3 years . the construction of infrastructure, workshops, and  office buildings are all included. In the first year, the related infrastructures such as water, electricity, warm,
General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Hebei Casting Nest Mechanical  & Electrical Technology co., LTD. is a science and technology business incubator , mainly engaged in providing comprehensive services for mechanical and electronic industry.
Cooperative Form: Sole proprietorship.We consider the implementation of share transfer once operated.
Contact Way
Contact Person: Sun Xiaodong,
Fax: 0086-10-68666221
Address: The South flats D, 2nd layer ,No.19, Gu Cheng west street , Shijing shan District, Beijing City.
Post Code: 100043
E-mail:  jwmd_sxd@163.com



Guan Industrial Park Project

Project Content: Park base in Guan Grand River Economic Development zone.
Investment Estimation and Fund Source: Jess hina plan first investment 16000000 equity capital dollars, while leveraging the $160000000 capital injection Park,
Analysis and development trend of the market:According to the "2014-2018 years Chinese Park Economic Development Pattern
Benefit Analysis: solve 2000-5000 local employment opportunities. (the real exchange rate of RMB: USD 1 =6.2459)
Construction Conditions:Park Construction in three phases to provide one-stop service from hatching to the commercial
General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Jess its was founded in 2007 March, registered capital of 100000000 yuan,
Cooperative Form: Joint venture, cooperation, sole proprietorship, including equity cooperation mode.
Contact Way   Contact Person: Yuesheng Chen
Fax: 0086-010-66211311
Address: Beijing city Xicheng District Financial Street Westin apartment 1753
Post Code: 100033        E-mail: chenys@jhcapital.cn


The project of Sino-Germany Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park

Project Content: Bazhou Sino-Germany Industrial Park covers area of 545mu. 350mu will be developed in the first step. Focusing on mechanical equipment and automotive component manufacturers invested by German or other foreign companies, it aims to build a German industry cluster in 3 years and to become the demonstration of Sino-Germany industrial park.
Investment Estimation and Fund Source: total investment $200 mio. incl. $150 mio. of foreign investment
Market Analysis:there is no large scale German industrial zone in the Northern China. German manufacturing companies have globally leading competitive advantages. The industry cluster could dramatically enhance the level of local industry after forming the industrial cluster.
Benefit Analysis: projected gross value of industrial output $300 mio. and total tax $25 mio. after all projects accomplished
Construction Conditions: convenient transportation network, complete fundamental structure
General Description of Chinese Sponsor: CFLD is a Chinese leading operator of new industrial city. With abundant experience and unique core competence on aspect of industrial park operation, CFLD is committed to development of new industrial city and upgrade of industry.
Cooperative Form: Joint venture, strategic partnership, etc.
Contact Person: Mr. Xing Yubiao
Fax: 0086-010- 57375050
Address: 19F, Hyundai Motor Tower, No.38 Xiaoyun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Post Code: 100027
E-mail: xingyubiao@cfldcn.com

The project of Oil farm project area industrial development and construction

Project Content: The original oil move out after the farm, plans to introduce advanced manufacturing industry and high-tech industry in the area, the construction of new industrial park.
Investment Estimation and Fund Source: Project planning in the area with a total investment of $160 million, the project investment enterprise raise $048 million, $112 million of foreign financing.
Market Analysis:Frying oil tea shops town total farm covers an area of 1108 mu, farm land in 1973 began to huabei petroleum construction use for a long time, back in 2007, is now mainly by Fried tea shops town east second street and the east street management.
Construction Conditions:Oil move out after the farm, in line with the principle of reasonable planning, appropriate compensation, adjust the project layout, scientific and reasonable use of the original building, shaft, road and infrastructure and construction land.
Benefit Analysis: After the completion of the project is expected to be employed 500 people, $ 100 million of sales revenue, profit 45 million yuan, 15 million yuan of taxes.
General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Project site location and convenient transportation. Relying Shengfang metallic glass furniture industrial park, the perfect infrastructure, adequate technical personnel, rapid development momentum.
Cooperative Form: Sole
Contact Person: FAN Guodong
Fax: 0086-316-7867316
Address: Bazhou administrative center Room 1611
Post Code: 065700
E-mail: bzzsfwzx@163.com

The project of Food Industrial Park

Project Content: The project covers an area of 1500 mu, building area of 180,000 square meters, 12,000 square meters facilities, mainly food processing, food packaging.
Investment Estimation and Fund Source: The estimated total investment 900 million U.S. dollars.
Market Analysis:The park has now huakang Industry Development Co., Ltd. Langfang Cheng Kang Food Co., Ltd. Bazhou Benchley food and three food processing companies. The main products are dehydrated vegetables, mainly export finished, Ting Hsin Group returned to Taiwan to do the domestic support, export to Korea, Japan, and European countries, product demand, market outlook is very good.
Construction Conditions:The park infrastructure has reached "a seven-level", preferential policies, efficient service.
Benefit Analysis: General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Bazhou Port Industrial Park is located in Beijing, Tianjin, security triangle center Hozu highway exit at Metro features a 15-minute drive, 25 minutes and 40 minutes respectively to reach Tianjin, Tianjin Airport and Tianjin Port, excellent location, transportation convenient, unique geographical location.
Cooperative Form: Joint venture, cooperation or sole proprietorship
Contact Person: Fan Guodong
Fax: 0086-316-7867316
Address: Bazhou administrative center Room 1611
Post Code: 065700

The musical instrument City Project

Project Content: It plans to use the construction of the northern city's largest musical instrument, the total area of 1240 acres, with a total construction area of 67,580 square meters.
Investment Estimation and Fund Source: The total investment is $ 2 million, plans to use $ 14 million.
Market Analysis: Currently, the foreign market demand, but with the improvement of living standards of people in China, more pursuit of elegant, civilized way of life, will be greatly increased demand for musical instruments, so the market prospect is very broad
Construction Conditions:Bazhou Port Industrial Park is located in Beijing, Tianjin, security triangle center Hozu road in an industrial park with exports, drove 15 minutes, 25 minutes and 40 minutes respectively to reach Tianjin, Tianjin Airport and Tianjin Port.
Benefit Analysis: Northern musical city will accommodate more than $ 10 million investment in large-scale musical projects 15 to attract funds $ 150 million, annual revenues of up to $ 100 million, profits and taxes paid more than $ 20 million.
General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Bazhou Port Industrial Park is located in Beijing, Tianjin, security triangle center, the city achieved a new five in one, has reached to undertake high-tech, large export-oriented medium-sized enterprises demand.
Cooperative Form: Joint venture
Contact Person: Fan Guodong
Fax: 0086-316-7867316
Address: Bazhou administrative center Room 1611
Post Code: 065700

The project of Home Industrial Park

Project Content: The industrial park a "front shop", manufacture and sales of integrated business model, to be an area of 6,000 acres, investment and construction by the Asia Pacific Media.
Investment Estimation and Fund Source: The total investment of $ 3 billion
Market Analysis:Asia-Pacific media using their own advantages, the industry leader in contact involved in the park, set up a pan-home league, has mastered 147 northward shift has the intention of household production enterprise resources, investment faster, move over a period of only six months to one years.
Construction Conditions :shengfang town located in Beijing, Tianjin, security triangle centers in the hinterland, 120 kilometers from Beijing, Baoding, 130 kilometers, Tianjin, 35 km, convenient transportation.
Benefit Analysis: According to statistics, nearly a thousand Pan-home manufacturer, with an annual turnover of 10 trillion yuan, is a promising green industries.  
General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Shenzhen Asia-Pacific Media Corporation. Asia has become the Chinese pan-home media industry, leather industry and agricultural products processing industry, media, exhibition, all the planning up to the project, the most extensive coverage of pan-media companies, occupying the first position of the national industry media.
Cooperative Form: Sole proprietorship, joint venture mode is not limited.
Contact Person: Fan Guodong
Fax: 0086-316-7867316
Address: Bazhou administrative center Room 1611
Post Code: 065700

Electric science and Technology Industrial Park Project

Project content: The project construction categories, the project covers an area of 2000 mu, the main attractions involved in the power facilities, electrical equipment, electrical equipment R & D and manufacturing enterprises settled in, we will gradually form a study covers the power of science and related fields, set scientific research and test results into industrial development in one of the industrial base.
    Market analysis: At present, Tianjin Harbor Industrial Park have been scientific experiments, production base of China's electric power projects in North China Power Grid production project of UHV tower settled. We will rely on a strong China Electric Power Research Institute's R & D testing capacity to attract more generating units mainly engaged in large-capacity storage battery and a series of electrical equipment and systems, machinery manufacturing and new materials, information integration and information security, the three major industries power enterprises, speed up transformation of scientific research and test results to form a cluster development trend of power industry to meet the domestic electricity market.
     Investment Environment: Ba Jin Hong Kong City industrial park office in Beijing, Tianjin, Paul triangular center, Hozu road on Metro are equipped with exports, drove 15 minutes, 25 minutes, 40 minutes respectively to reach Tianjin, Tianjin Airport and the Tianjin Port, location superior, convenient transportation and advantageous geographical location, and the supporting infrastructure complete.
    Cooperation Form: Joint-venture, cooperation or sole proprietorship
Contact: Li yang
Contact address: industry park of Bazhou
E-mail: bzjgyq@126.com

Packaging printing industry base project

Content of the project: the project total investment 2100000000 yuan, the project covers an area of 1000 acres, from Fuxing Color Printing Packing Co. Ltd., China Packaging Association and the domestic well-known printing and packaging enterprises, to create the domestic leading packaging printing industry agglomeration Industrial Park, multi field advantage enterprise raw material import, manufacturing, printing, logistics, integration of packaging materials the formation of industrial clusters, complete. A framework for the development of industrial base has four parts which respectively is industrial prepared rhizome of rehmannia, industrial carrier products, supporting facilities and service policy.
 Market analysis: at present, the park has Bazhou Fuxing Color Printing Packing Co., Ltd., Bazhou Shengwei Packing Products Co. Ltd. in. We will rely on the Fuxing company BOPP film leading production capacity, raw material import, manufacturing, printing, logistics industry to attract packaging materials enterprises upstream and downstream advantage, good market prospects.
Investment environment: the Bazhou Tianjin the economic development zone is located in Beijing, Tianjin, triangle center, Tsubo highway exits in the park, drove 15 minutes, 25 minutes, 40 minutes respectively to reach Tianjin, Tianjin airport and Tianjin port, 50 minutes to reach the urban area of Beijing, geographical advantages, convenienttransportation, geographical location, perfect supporting infrastructure.
Development mode: joint venture and cooperation.
Contact person: Li Yang
Contact address: industry park of Bazhou
Tel: 0086-316 - 7559200
Fax: 0086-316 - 7559200
E-mail: bzjgyq@126.com

The Project of SME Innovation Park
    Project Content:The project covers an area of 150 mu, planning to construct factory workshops, warehouses and office buildings with a total gross area of 104,803 square meters . To attract investors into the park by cooperation, investment and wholly own subsidiaries, so that the original scattered small -scale, low economic efficiency of SME can be relatively centralized, then economic efficiency is improved greatly.
    Investment estimation and capital source: The total investment of the project is 20 million dollars.
    Market Analysis: The networks of SME Business Park has been established in Beijing , Shanghai , Wuhan and other places ; The networks of regional SME Innovation Park has also been established one by one in 12 provinces of Midwest, North China, Northeast China and East China. In addition, China has also actively participated in the activities organized by the network of international Business Park. Business Park are attempting and exploring in venture capital and comprehensive service of SMEs’ entrepreneurial practice. Currently, there are about 50% of the Business Parks provide investment and financing services to entrepreneurial companies, like interest subsidies, guarantees, through venture capital, guarantees and other forms. Many Business Parks lead technology, management, finance, taxation, trade, intermediaries and other institutions into the center; this is the guarantee of government’s preferential policy to entrepreneurial companies, and on the other hand for the start-ups to build a full-service platform .
    Construction Conditions: The project will be located in Wen’an Industrial Park, Hebei; this site without pollution, better environmental quality, accessibility, so this selection is feasible.
    Benefit Analysis: It will offer jobs to 500 people, with annual sales income of 15 million dollars, sales tax and additional 3,000,000 dollars.
    General Description of Chinese Sponsor:Bazhou Changrun Plastics Co., Ltd. is located in the village of Wang Ge Da, Wang Zhuang Zi County. Since its inception, has consistently adhered to the "integrity and high quality"; the specialization, standardization and scale are the business ideas.
     Cooperative Form: Joint venture or cooperation.
     Contact person: Cui Manchang
     Tel: (0)13931636238
     Address: Wen’an Industrial Park
     Post Code: 065800

The Project of Wen'an Xin zhen SME Innovation Park
Project Content: Wen'an Xin zhen people's government. Xin zhen is located in the northernmost town of Wen'an People's Government, which has an area of 40.15 square kilometers and the population of 3.24 million. There exists 1853 industrial and commercial enterprises of all types, mainly for the steel hardware industry.
Project Description: To facilitate the different needs of customers with entrepreneurial use, Construction of the region to improve water, electricity, roads, communications and other infrastructure, and the construction of 146,734 square meters standardized plant construction will be built in the form of intensive grid. 280 small entrepreneurs can be provided in the park according to the entrepreneurial units for each area of 200-1000 square meter,
    Market Analysis: As land resources are increasingly strained, existing resources can not meet the needs of the entrepreneurs . Given the current situation, the new town people's government decided to build small and medium business park projects east side of the township. The project is led by the Government and mainly based on enterprise operation The first phase of the project covers an area of 350 acres with the construction of standardized plant, providing services for entrepreneurs in the form of a lease. Owning to the special geographical location and superior industrial base of the new town, the project sales prospects are very impressive, setting aside pretty large profit for the margins investors.
    Construction Conditions: This project will be designed by the provincial qualified units through pre-planning, provided with 350 acres of land by the new town government and based on the development of the enterprises. The town government assists companies formalities during the substantive stage of development.
    Benefit Analysis: Profits only gain based on lease after the project is completed . Due to the scarcity and particularity, rental price of land resources remain above 5 yuan per square meter. It’s promising with stable income.
    Cooperation: Joint venture or cooperation.
    Contact Person: Yang Zhang
    Tel: (0)18631635366
   Address: Xin zhen People’s Government of Wen'an 
    Post Code: 065800
Project of Aerosol industry park

Project Content: Hebei city of aerosol Industrial Park is a provincial economic development zone approved by the people's Government of Hebei Province, the planning area of 15000 mu, is committed to creating the largest China, energy-saving environmental protection, the international high-end aerosol research, production, trade and professional park; focus on the construction of national aerosol detection center; land port and logistics center; aerosol and aerosol supporting products trading center; new materials, new technology, new products and aerosol brand production demonstration bases.
Investment Estimation and Fund Source: Projects with a total investment of 90000000 dollars, to use foreign capital of 60000000 dollars.
Market Analysis:After the completion of the project to build Chinese aerosol industry chain leading, providing high-end platform for aggregation, aerosol industry product development, is of great significance to the enhancement of comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese aerosol industry.
Construction Conditions: The project is located in the western part of the county of Hebei province Dacheng County, 2 kilometers from the county, rich in resources, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, is the ideal project construction site.
General Description of Chineses Sponsor: The project led by the people's Government of Grand County, Langfang strong Fine Chemical Technology Group investment in building, China aerosol Professional Committee Organization of the industry key enterprises at home and abroad to join, is committed to creating the largest Chinese, energy-saving environmental protection, the international high-end aerosol,production, trade and professional park.
Cooperation Pattern: joint venture, cooperation
Contact Person: Feng Qiu
Address: Guang an, Dacheng County neighbors
Tel. : (0)18931641010
Post Code:065900

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