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2012 LangFang Key Project Introduction - Ele-information Project

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Ele-information Project
1. Project of Mobile Phone key Parts Manufacturing
2. Colon Hydrotherapy Instruments Production      
3. Project of Building Touch Screens and Touch Monitors  
4. Electronic Information Production Manufacturing Base Guangyang District, Langfang City
5. Electronic Displays Investment Project         
6. The yearly output of the ultra fine and high purity electronic silicon material approximates to 20000 tons
7. 10Million Sets Displayer Fittings Production Line Project




Project Name: The project of mobile phone key parts manufacturing
General Description of Chinese Sponsor: We plan to construct the project in Langfang Economic and Technological Development Area. The development area is located in the core of economic circles of Beijing and Tianjin, and Bohai Sea, which is 40 km away from Beijing , and 60 km away from Tianjin ,50 km away from the Capital Airport, and 105 km from Tianjin Harbor. Beijing-tianjin-tangshan Expressway crosses the development area, therefore, the traffic is very convenient. The development area is equipped with perfect infrastructure with excellent project construction conditions. The development area has more than 1500 enterprises from more than 30 countries and areas.Since July 20.2009, the development area has been authorized the state-level development area by State Department and enlarge 38 Square kilometer.
Construction Condition:Electronic information industry giants such as Hua Wei, Fuji Kang, resurgence settle down in Langfang. Langfang has formed the huge productivity and the industrial chain of mobile phone. In order to complete the all indrustrial chain, the development area will introduce the business to manufact the key parts of mobile phone、mold、SMT、Digital communication essential spare part and Digital product.
Coopertion Mode: Joint venture , foreign-owned enterprises , cooperative businesses or rent the existence workshop
Contact person: Miss Wu Yan, project manager, Business Promotion Bureau, LFETDZ
Add: Convention & Exhibition Center, Youyi Rd., Langfang Eco & Tech Development Zone, Hebei Province, P.R.C.
Zip: 065001     
Tel: 0086-316-6078204  
Fax: 0086-316-6078218   6078299
Website: www.lfdz.gov.cn
Project Name: Colon Hydrotherapy Instruments Production
General Description of Chineses Sponsor: Sanhe Zhi-Li Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. Legal Person: Wang Hongli.
Project Content: This project covers an area of 150 acres, with the annual output of 500 sets Colon hydrotherapy instruments and 40 million Colon hydrotherapy consumables.
Investment Estimation and Fund Source: Total investment will be 51.47 million U.S. dollars, 10 million U.S. dollars of foreign capital will be utilized.
Market AnalysisWith the reform of our medical technology, blood dialysis and artificial liver blood purification will be done to increasing number of people, therefore the demand for dialysis producets is growing. With the technology has reached the internatianal level and the industrial production conditions are formed, the production costs are greatly reduced .Therefore prospects of this project are bright
Benefit Analysis: Sales income can reach 79.41 million U.S. dollars, with 26.47 million U.S. dollars of profit and 8.52 million U.S. dollars of taxes.
Construction Conditionsimproved infrastructure, leveled ground and convenient transportation
Cooperative Intent: Joint venture, cooperation or exclusive investment Contact Person: Wang Rong
Tel and Fax: 0086-10-61594131
    Add: Xinggong East StreetYanjiao,Beijing East,P.R.China
P.C: 101601   
E-mail: vrabbit @yanjiao.gov.cn
Project Name:Project of Building Touch Screens and Touch Monitors
Project Content: The project covers an area of 120 mu, we plan to build production lines of touch screens and touch monitors with annual output of 1 million sets and 0.8 million sets.
Investment Estimation and Fund Sources: The total project investment is US$ 34.41 million, and we plan to utilize foreign funds of US$ 10 million.
Market Analysis: Monitors and touch screens are widely used in the fields of industrial automatic control, war industry, aerospace equipments, PAP fire protection, building monitoring, medical equipments, banking and finance, government, telecommunications, public security, and media etc., the project has very broad market prospects.
Analysis of Economic Benefit: Upon completion, we estimate that the project can realize annual output value of US$ 126.47 million with profits of US$ 29.41 million and taxes of US$ 7.35 million.
Construction Condition: We plan to construct the project in Langfang Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Area. The development area is located in the core of economic circles of Beijing and Tianjin, and Bohai Sea, which is 30 km away from Tian’anmen, the center of Beijing City, 25 km away from the Capital Airport, and 120 km from Tianjin Harbor. Beijing-Harbin Expressway, and electrified railways of Beijing-Qinhuangdao and Datong-Qinhuangdao traverse from the east to the west, Beijing No. 930 bus is directly connected with the development area, and Beijing-Tongzhou Fast Road tightly connects Yanjiao with the center of Beijing City, therefore, the traffic is very convenient. The development area is equipped with perfect infrastructure with excellent project construction conditions.
General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Sanhe Quanjing Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech company invested by Beijing Jinlingyi Technology Co., Ltd in Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Area. The company is dedicated to development, production, and sales on products of monitors, LCD integrated workstations, and touch control monitors, which is one of the most influential manufactures in the field in China.
Cooperation Mode: Joint venture and cooperation.
Contact Person:  Wang Rong
Contact Tel: 0086-10-61594131
Fax: 0086-10-61594131
Mailing Address: No. 1, Xinggong East Street, Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Area, Beijing
Postcode: 101601
Project Name :Electronic Information Production Manufacturing Base Guangyang District Langfang City
Contents: The project covers an area of 225 mu , a floorage of 150,000 sq.m .We manufacture standardized framework factory building applying reinforced concrete , the center of production research , business building , dormitory , attached supporting facilities .
Investment Estimation and Capital Resources :The total investment is about 92 million US dollars.
Market Analysis: The Electronic Information Industry is the sunrise industry in China .The Electronic Information Manufacturing keeps the increasing rate of 15%--20% , especially for those competitive industrial ,e.g. communication facilities , electronic component industry , computer manufacturing .Langfang will become the raising industrail base by utilizing the advantanges of production cost and location . Huawei , foxconn, ZET , BOE are attracted to the park .
Construction Conditions : The Electronic Information Production Manufaturing Base is locatede in the park ,Langfang Guangyang Logistics Park(Collection Zone) (hereafter referred to as“ Park”), located in southeast Langfang City , which runs from Langfang Development Zone in the north to FOXCONN Park in the south and downtown in the west ,Tianjin in the east. The park is 40 k.m form Beijing ,60 k.m from Tianjin ,70 k.m from Capital Airport and Tianjin Airport respectively , which has evolved a unique regional advantages to develop economy relying on central cities, air harbour and seaport.It needs one hour to arrive at the Capital International Airport, Tianjin International Airport,Tianjin,Newhabour,realizingSea-borne, Air-borne and Land-surface Transportation  (SALT) .There are more than 200 institutions of higher-learning and 1,000 scientific institutes ,providing powerful intellectual and technological support .
Economic Benefit Analysis: This project is able to bring about 800,000,000 yuan RMB of selling income and realize 180,000,000 yuan RMB of profit on sales with 31% profit margin and 3.5 years of inventment recovery .
Investment Environment: Keeping abreast of the high-speed development of Bohai economic circle , the regional economic integration and internationalization ,the park built a large-size modern service industry and manufacturing base . General plan of the park has an area of 10.6 sq.km . The park is the only land for industrial usage left by Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei hinterland. 4 sq.km. in Phase One , which has been brought into line with Langfang City Overall Plan(2008-2020) , was examined and approved by local government .
Cooperation From: Joint venture , foreign-owned enterprises , cooperative businesses
Contact Person: Caoliang    Liuyan
Name of Unit:: Inviting investment department ,Langfang Logistics Industrail Zone
 ADD : East Ring Road ,Langfang City
Tel: 0086-316-2833888   13722611818   13582774125
Fax 0086-316-2833900      Website www.lfncip.cn
Project Name: Electronic Displays Investment Project
Gerneral Description of Chinese Sponsor: Modern Industrial Park of Xianghe locates in the core hinterland of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Modern Industrial Park of Xianghe has its great advantages of traffic convenience, market capability and investment environment.
Project Content: Set “electronic displays-making” project in the industrial park which concludes: different kinds of LED display screen inside or outside room and optoelectronic display productions.
Investment Estimation and Capital Sourcese: 120 million dollars. All of the use of extra funds.
Market Analysis: Taking the industrial park as core, within the surrounding 100 kilometers, there are companies such as HP, Lenovo, Founder, LG, ChangHong and Beijing Zhongguancun electronic business center. Electronic displays are becoming one of the dominant development orientations of northern area.
Benefit Analysis:After the construction of this project, the yearly output value can reach 1 billion dollar, and the profit can reach 250 million dollars.  
Cooperation Mode: Joint venture, cooperation, sole proprietorship
Contact: Mr. Qiu guojun    Tel: 0086-316-316-8331888
Postcode: 065405          E-mailqiuguojunj@126.com
Address: Management Committee of Xianghe Modern Industrial Park.(1000 meters in the north of Xianghe exit of Jingshen high way).
Project Name: The yearly output of the ultra fine and high purity electronic silicon epitaxy material approximates to 20000 tons.
Project Contents: The area of this project is 273300 square meters with 140003.9 square meters as the gross building area and 130957.66 square meters as the construction area, which with a floor area ratio of 51.2%, a building density of 47.9% and a greening rate of 8.5%. At the same time, this project needs to purchase nearly 373 equipments for primary election, roasting, advanced election and testing. It will use the independently established technic of China Nonferrous Engineering and Research Institute to produce the ultra fine and high purity electronic silicon epitaxy material, and the rigidity of this product will reach to Mohs 7, the diameter of the particle will reach to 0.3 micron to 0.5 micron, the degree of the purity will reach to SiO299.99%.
Investment Estimation and Sources of Funds: The investment of this project is about 75 million and 340 thousands of US dollars. It contains of construction investment which about 68 million and 490 thousands of US dollars, accounting for 90.9% of the total number, and the working capital which about 6 million and 85 thousands of US dollars, accounting for 9.1% of the total number. The sources of funds contain of 20 million and 550 thousands of US dollars of the funds at the disposal of enterprises, and 54 million and 790 thousands of US dollars of the foreign capital.
Market Analysis:Currently, the production capacity was not more than 3000 tons in our country, the market gap was more than 20000 tons. Seeing from the world market, the demand of the polycrystalline silicon is increasing on the growth rate of 10-12%.. This provides a big business opportunity to China.
Construction Condition: This project is selected on the east of Donggugang Town of Anci District, the south of No.112 state road, and on the west of the approach road of Jin-Bao Expressway. This area has favorable geographical location and convenient communications, and the power of this area will satisfy the need of the project.
Company Actuality: Langfang Chenrui Electric CO., LTD is which is on the aisle of Beijing and Tianjin. The company was ratified in April, 2001, depending on the Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute of State Power Corporation, this company is deemed as the best company, and its production is at the head of its profession. This company was praised by everyone in this profession.
Progress Report: This project was reported to Hebei Development and Reform Commission.
Cooperation Mode: joint venture, cooperation
Company: Langfang Chenrui Electric CO., LTD
Contact: Zhang Shuwu (Chairman of the board)
Tel: 0086-316—2898258     013933946888
Project Name: 10Million Sets Displayer Fittings Production Line Project
Project Content: This project occupies a land of 65mu (converting into 4.333 hectares), total building area is 32,800 m2. It adopts the world advanced production technique and equipment, mainly produces display fittings such as display circuit boards and data transmission lines of computers, its planned annual capacity is 10,000,000 sets.
Investment Estimation and Capital Source: Total investment of this project is USD 3.11 million, free funds of the enterprise is USD 19.23 million, and the expected foreign capital is USD 11.88 million.
Market Analysis: In recent years, the electronic information industry of our country has been developing rapidly, especially that the popularity of family computers has provided a broad space for the display fittings market. Recently,the computer production of our country takes more than 50% of the production in the world. This shows that the display fittings have enormous market space. What’s more, the computers are more and more widely used in families, which will certainly promote the demand of the display fittings market, so an enormous market is in existence for the display fittings, especially the main parts like circuit board, and its prospect is very bright.    
Investment Condition: This project is planned to select the site in Anci Industrial Park, where has been confirmed as the planned developing area by the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government. The location of this area has unique advantage and abundant energy resources supply, which can meet the constructive requirement in all aspects of this project.
Economic Profit Analysis: The total investment of this project is USD 31.11 million, the annual sales income is expected to be USD 28.21 million and the profit will be USD 8.43 million. The profit rate of investment is 46%, the internal rate of return in finance after tax is 27% and the repayment period of investment will be 5.76 years.
Proceeding of the Project: Compilation and the feasibility study of the project have been finished, now the site is on selection.
Cooperation Mode: Joint investment or cooperation
Contact: Jin Jianguo
Add: Langfang Shengshi Construction Investment Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0086-316-2576666
Fax: 0086-316-2576666     


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