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2012 LangFang Key Project Introduction - Leisure & Business Project

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Leisure & Business Project
71. Tianyuan ecological agriculture sightseeing garden project
72. The hot spring village for holiday
73. Nanmeng Town Tourism Resort Project
74. Notification of Ecology landscape amusement park project
75. K. Wah Center Project construction industry, leisure and health
76. International Eco-city Project canal
77. SanShengKou tourism project
78 Qiuzhuang Modern Agricultural Tourism Garden Project
79. Yongqing Blue Bay Tourism Development project
80. Gu’an hot spring industrial park
81. The extension project of Jinzhong holiday village in the Jingang industry park of Bazhou


Project Name: Tianyuan Ecological Agriculture Sight-seeing Park Project
Project Content: The Park provides agriculture sight-seeing tourism, fruits and vegetables picking, with supporting services, such as hot spring bath, entertainment, conference training and food-accommodation-tourism. It is a sight-seeing tourism park integrating tourism, leisure, vacation & sight-seeing as well as agricultural planting and cultivating and processing. Covering an area of 350 mu, the Park is divided into agricultural planting, greenhouse vegetables picking area, fruit picking area, outdoor fishing park, rare birds cultivating area, catering-accommodation-conference and spring bath & entertainment area, Japanese and Korean cuisine & indoor fishing area, artificial ancient city gate, beacon tower, courtyard and landscape style leisure & banquet area, with a total area of 35,000 m2.
Total Investment for the Project: the investment for the project is about USD 50 million, and the introduced investment is USD 25 million.
Analysis of Economic Benefit: With the development of society, rural eco-tourism has become the development trend of rural tourism. Since 1980s, rural tourism is flourishing at the vast rural areas in our country, and now it has become an important component of the tourism industry of our country and a significant support in promoting social and economic development of rural areas. A large number of tourists go away from the noisy and strained city life to tour the rural to enjoy the local rural scenery and beauty, to appreciate the plain and natural fun of life and to taste various dishes of rural flavor. With the development of economy, such consumer groups are expanding and the standard of consumption is also continuously improved, consequently, the Park has held large-scale visiting park and bonfire party for many times, such as Spring Outing at Yongqing and Dreams Realizing at Tianyuan etc. The Park can receive about 2000 people every day, the annual revenue is USD 15 million and the profit realized is USD 4 million.
Investment Environment: The Park is located in the north of Yongqing County, approaching Yongqing Leading Road of Langfang-Zhuozhou Express Highway, taking only 10 minutes’ driving to Gu’an Eastern Exist of Langfang-Zhuozhou Express Highway. It is also adjacent to the Second Capital Airport to be constructed, 60 km to Beijing and 30 km to Langfang separately. Possessing favorite geographic location, convenient transportation, beautiful environment and supreme ecological advantage, the Park has a broad market prospect.
Project Address: Caojiawu Township, Yongqing County, Hebei Province
Cooperation Form: Joint venture, cooperation, sole proprietorship and individual running are all accepted.
Chinese Undertaking Unit: Langfang Tianyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Zhong Xiaohui   Wu Fan
Tel.: 13932626226     13931627261
Fax: 0086-316-2118587     Post Code: 065000
Project name: The hot spring village for holiday
Project content: The project is main to develop travel, shopping, play, meet and so on, the project is take up of 3767.9 mu, the general investment is US$760 million yuan..
Market analysis: The water of the area is type of HCO3-Na,this type is fits the standard of the nation, the water for live is health to people.
The hot spring village for holiday can promote the economic development of Bazhou and satisfy the need of the people. The project has good economic and society efficient.
The economic benefit analysis: When the project is finished, the income will be RMB 200 million yuan per year, the profit will be RMB 100 million yuan/year.
The environment of the project: Bazhou Economic Technology
Development Area is lye in the center of Beijing, Tianjin and Baoding. It is north to Beijing 76 Km, east to Tianjin 70 Km ,west to Baoding 70 Km, the Beijing—Kowloon, Tianjin—Bazhou railway and the No. 112,No. 106 high way across the area, it is so convenient. The base installation is very perfect. The product cost is low, the management is high efficient.
The phase of the project: The project is prepared.
   Cooperation form: joint venture, cooperative business operation, or exclusively foreign-invested venture.
Contact person: Wu weimin Wang guangqing
Add: Yingbin Road,Bazhou Economic Technology Development Area, Hebei Province
Tel: 0316-7225106
Project name: Nanmeng Town Tourism Resort Project
Project Construction Background: The project location Bazhou Nanmeng Town, Nanmeng Town is located in the northern Bazhou, hot springs resort area in eastern and strategic location, convenient traffic, 70 kilometers south of Beijing, Tianjin, 90 kilometers east, 80 km west of Baoding, Beijing-Kowloon Railway, the railway tsuha tie-line, Paul Jin Expressway, Gallery Pa Road, State Road 106, passed in the territory. Nanmeng town in an area of 4.6 million mu of cultivated land has now been realized the road network hardening, water pipe network coverage and card power, and the farmers already have a high vegetable, fruit planting techniques. Nanmeng Town City under the hegemony of the overall planning, development orientation is based on tourism, modern agriculture-based eco-town, industrial direction is spring vacation and modern agriculture, therefore, decided to conduct sightseeing in project development, it is very feasible.
Investment Estimation: The project is the full utilization of geothermal resources, a total investment of 30 million U.S. dollars, covering 1,000 acres. Construction of high-grade guest rooms, restaurants, casinos, bath center, gymnasium, swimming pool, garden, warm water aquarium and other facilities of 50,000 square meters. 
    Market analysis: The project of geothermal wells using existing resources, the use of flowers, nursery stock base and a pollution-free vegetable base to build environmental advantages. The existing two geothermal wells, depth of 4,000 meters, outlet temperature at 90 ℃ and above, automatic sprinkler, 2000 cubic meters of water for every sunrise eyes, (with a well developed use). After testing, the well water contains a lot of good to human health, silicon, sodium, fluorine, lithium, iodine, metasilicate and other trace elements, can be used for heating, bathing, greenhouse crop cultivation, flower cultivation, warm water aquaculture and other fields. After the completion of the project will enable the travel, tourism, recuperation at the year-round spring environment, with good prospects for development. 
    Cooperation: The project has been activated, and fully to the society Wanted partners. Joint venture, cooperation or sole investment. 
    Contact: Yu Jingbo 
    Address: Hebei Province Economic Commission Bazhou Nanmeng Town
    Tel : 0086-316-7297531 
    Fax :0086-316-7291076 
    Zip Code: 065700 
    E-mail: bznmxmb@126.com
Project Name: Notification of Ecology landscape amusement park project
Project Description: The project land area of 16,000acres, the construction collection ecology dining, the lodging leisure, the agricultural sightseeing, the lotus pond fishes, the fruits and vegetables to pick, the aquatic planter, the cultivation is a body's ecology amusement park.
Investment Estimate and Financial Resource: The total investment is US$ 10,000,000,Plan to import foreign funds US$ 5,000,000.
Project Circumstance:This project constructs the selected location Hebei Province ZuSi village, east is apart from the Tianjin 70 kilometers, north to the Beijing 100 kilometers, the geographical position is advantageous. The ancestor temple village is known as “the Ziya River bank pearl, the Jingnan big geographic name village” the laudatory name. At present, this village has formed the new industrial park, the villagers residential district, the garden villa area, the ecological environment sightseeing area, the high tech agricultural region, the migratory bird natural conservation watching area and ten thousand Chinese acre ecology forest tour area, had the investment to be good, the ecologic dominance was prominent, tourist resources rich development superiority.
Project Circumstance: Economic Benefit: This project construction period 3 years, after the project completes, business income 20,000,000 US dollars per year, profits and taxes 4,000,000 US dollars per year, investment recoupment period 3.5 years
Company Profile: DaCheng XinHui Co. Ltd. is a Private enterprise, is mainly engaged in the agricultural product, the tourist resources development and the operative activity, existing property 5,000,000 Yuan, person 35 people.
Existing Condition: Has completed the corporate planning, the ecology dining center, the lotus pond fishes the garden to construct.
Cooperation Form: joint venture, cooperation
Attention: Zhang DeYuan
Tel.: 0086-316-5522967
Project Name: K. Wah Center Project construction industry, leisure and health
Project content: The project planned to be located in a city east of Xianghe zone, the project covers an area of 850 acres. The total construction area of 60,000 square meters. Divided into health, leisure, hospitality and other major functional areas. 
    Total Investment and Capitals sources: the total investment is 20 billion yuan, all of the use of extra funds. 
    Gerneral Description of Chinese Sponsor: Limited company, registered capital of 100 million yuan .The company's development objectives are: to build the real estate industry as a leader in services and manufacturing for the two wings of the industrial structure, relying on professional, international team, through investment holding, shares, etc. to establish strategic alliance, In the fierce competition in the fast growing market and become a stable growth of the conglomerate. 
    Analysis of Economic benefits: production value is expected to achieve 10 billion yuan, profits and taxes paid 100 million yuan, it can accommodate 2,000 people in employment. 
TONG Ming-Shun 
Xianghe Development Zone 
    Tel :
0086-316 -8219308 
    Fax: 0086-316-8217695 
    Post Code: 065402 
    Website: Peace Avenue south of Xianghe Zone Deputy Director of Development Zone Xianghe foreign-owned enterprise

Project name: International Eco-city Project canal.
project content: The project is the National varieties most quality physiotherapy optimal health-oriented vacation country 5A class tourist resort areas and the capital metropolitan area the most attractive residential areas and zones of high-grade the most important public service center dominated by three main functions, the construction planning area into a world-class cultural prosperity and social harmony, coordination and environment industries beautiful ecological Livable City.
Investment Estimation and Sources of Funds: Plans to invest 106.86 million U.S. dollars in 2009 ,all of the use of extra-territorial capital.
Economic analysis:the project put into operation, physiotherapy health vacation projects operate their own production for 10 years to recover the total investment in that year received net income of 2 billion yuan to enter the stable operation period; noble Settlements Since the completion of investment projects soon to recover the full investment, and 60-65 billion in investment income; public service and financial and business services investment in the investment after the completion of 2-3 years to recover the full investment, and financial and business service centers begin to enter the stable operation period.
Cooperation: Joint ventures, Cooperation.
Contact: Tong Ming-shun
Title: Development Zone, deputy director of the CMC
Address: Xianghe safe zone on the 1st Street
Tel :0086-0316-8217798 0086-0316-8219309
Fax :0086-0316-8217695
Post Code: 065402
Project Name:SanShengKou tourism project
Project Content: 1, developing the building HuiLongTing which service for the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong's southern tour Longting, Qianlong authentic "Royal Poem Monument," Qianlong imperial seal "lotus platform" (Lotus wells within a 300 years, has not been exhausted) 2, construction, pollution-free vegetables and harvesting seasons garden 50 acres, 15 greenhouses, equipped with dining, entertainment, accommodation and other facilities;3, construction, pollution-free fruit picking seasons park 100 acres, Cattle 6, equipped with dining, entertainment, accommodation and other facilities;
Investment Estimation and sources of funds: The project plans a total investment of 16.2 million U.S. dollars.and utilize foreign capitial 11.85 million U.S. dollars.
Market analysis: As people's living standards enhanceing, have become increasingly demanding of life is no longer confined to eating and drinking, and more emphasis on playing, and also began to play out of tricks, playing out the skills. Play areas are no longer focused city, but turned to the village, where the air is fresh, broad perspective, giving a new enjoyment. Trinity mouth Township is located in plain, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, forest coverage rate reached 63%, within the reign of Emperor Qianlong of ancient ruins, centuries guhuai, pollution-free fruits, vegetables, etc., development of eco-tourism potential is great.
Economic Benefit Analysis: After the project is expected to achieve annual operating income could be 5.5 million U.S. dollars, profit 1.8 million U.S. dollars, taxes paid 650,000 U.S. dollars.
Construction Conditions: In accordance with the relevant provisions of state laws and regulations, the project related to the need for qualified construction unit building; project addresses rural area in the Sam Shing mouth; project construction, including basic traffic roads ancillary facilities.
Cooperation mode: Joint venture, cooperation
Contact Person: Zhao He
Tel: 0086-316-6557300
Fax: 0086-316-6551302
Address: People's Government of SanShengKou township ,Yongqing County, Hebei Province
Postcode: 065600
Project NameQiuzhuang Modern Agricultural Tourism Garden Project
Project ContentThe project will cover an area of 4,000mu in general plan, and its central area is situated in the north of Qiuzhuang government and the west of Langfang-Botou Highway. Qiuzhuang Township plans to construct several agricultural tourism gardens with certain scale to form the scale effect, and thereby to adjust the industrial structure. This project is adjacent to the under construction Fuqiang Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Tourism Garden and Langfang Julong Modern Agricultural Tourism Garden.
Construction ConditionsThe plannedQiuzhuang Modern Agricultural Tourism Garden will be located in the middle part of Qiuzhuang township, where is less than 10 km to the urban area. It takes the location advantages with the provincial road Langfang-Botou Highway cutting through the township for 15km, the urban-rural expressway being within reach with convenient transportation. Qiuzhuang Township in Anci District of Langfang City is located in the south of Langfang city, and borders on the north of the urban area. It is 74 square kilometers in size, 6,000mu of planting area of trees, orchard and protected agriculture, its forest coverage rate has reached 41%. Water, electricity, roads and communications in the project area are well equipped with convenient traffic and fertile soil which is suitable for green organic farming. It lays a good foundation for developing the modern agricultural tourism projects.
Investment Orientation and Key PointAttract investors to construct the modern agricultural tourism project with the focus of developing the projects of green and organic picking tourism etc.
Analysis of Market & Economic BenefitThis project is in accordance with the urban-rural overall development plan of Anci District. It will not only greatly enhance the comprehensive production capacity of agriculture, improve the environment of the towns and villages, increase the land-use ratio, but also bring about employment effectively, enrich the tourism resources, enrich residents’ life and increase peasants’ income, which can achieve all-win among investors, local residents and the government, so its development projects is brilliant.
Contact UnitQiuzhuang People’s Government, Langfang City
ContactZhao Weiguo    
PositionDirector of Economic Commission
Phone0086-316-2531808     Fax0086-316-2531808
Project Name:Yongqing Blue Bay Tourism Development project
Project Contents:The project includes tourism project development, management and information consultation, service .The project plan to cover 1000 mu .Te first phase covers 50 mu and building areas 51824 square meters, which consist of 8500 m2hotel,5000 m2meeting center,4500 m2 fitness center,9200 m2 hot spring ,4774 m2 compressive business bulidng and so on.
Investment Estimation and sources of fund: The project total investment of US$17.58 million and plan to utlize the foreign capital UD$10 million .
Economic Analysis: the average annual sales income of US$6.55 million, the annual sales tax and US$353.9 thousand, profit of US$4.01 million
Cooperation mode: Joint venture
Contact Person: Jin-Liang Zhao
Fax: 0086-316-6574700
Address: People's Government of YangMaZhuang Township, Yongqing County.Hebei Province 
E-mail: ymzjw78@126.com
Project Name:Gu’an hot spring industrial park
Project Contents: The project is main to develop travel, shopping, play, Leisure,meet and other compressive construction and operation.
General Description of Chinese Sponsor: Gu’an hot spring industrial park has been managed by provical-level zone.Currently, there are 9 hot spring in the park, and the temperature is above 850 . Overall development plan of the project is composed by EDSA company. The project will have 3 phases.The first phase will develop 17 square kiolmetres which as the core regin of the hot spring industrial park.It mainly consist of “hot spring, flower park, Fishing equipment, Ancient music”.At last,The park will become the park for Beijing and Tianjin, green forest base and Oxygen.The second phase will cover 33 square kiolmetres and the third phase will cover 120 square kiolmetres.
Cooperation Mode: joint venture, cooperative business operation, or exclusively foreign-invested venture.
Contact: YangShuo
Add: management of Gu’an hot spring industrial park
Tel: 13313066788
Postcode: 065500
Project Name: The extension project of Jinzhong holiday village in the Jingang industry park of Bazhou.
Project Contents: Plan to make use of a funds to build the extension project of Jinzhong holiday village in the Jingang industry park of Bazhou, mainly include:decorate the guest room (18920 square meters), the villa area (7830 square meters), the parking lot (5200 square meters), and the rockery, the water dike,the arbor (1480 square meters in all).
The Investment Estimate And Source: The project total investment is UD$37 million.And we plan to use exploitation funds US$29 million.We invest with land,the existing buiding and cash.And we hope the investor invest with cash.
Market Analysis: In recent years, Bazhou is open to the outside deeply and its economic strength is developing quickly. More and more guests come to Bazhou for travel, business or investment .However, there is no scale entertainment site in our city yet.So Jinzhong holiday village will be the right place, and its economic benefit will be considerable.  
Construction Condition: Jingang industry park is in the middle of the triangle area by Beijing,Tianjin and Baoding.One of Tianjin-Baoding highway exits is near the park.If you want to go to Tianjin, Tianjin-airport or Tianjin-harbor,you just need 15 minutes,25 minutes and 40 minutes by car. So Jingang industry park own superior location, convenient transport condition and perfect basic equipments.
Economic Benefit Analysis: After the project finished ,it will be a beautiful entertainment site for local and neighborhood people. The project will gain more than 120,000,000 Yuan a year, and the investment will return in 3.5 years.
Cooperation Way: Joint venture, cooperation or individual proprietorship
Contact: Fan Guo Dong
Job Duty: Assistant director
Address: Management committee of the Jingang industry park of Bazhou
Tel:0086-316-7573067     13803221488(mobile)
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