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2012 LangFang Key Project Introduction - Modern Agriculture Project

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Modern Agriculture Project
82.LangFang MeiSheng modern Agricultural Science and Technology Park
83. Demonstration Project of Modern Agricultural Sightseeing Tour of Langfang Jinfeng Agricultural Science and Technology Exposition Garden
84. Edible Fungi Processing Base
85. Langfang Huaxia Shenon Green Vegetables Planting Base of Modern Agriculture Project
86. The Deep Processing of Agricultural Products Base Guangyang District Langfang City
87. Large fruit processing factory project
88. Food processing dehydrated for a long time out freeze-dried
89. Extension project of a coarse cereals instant food production line
90. Integrated Utilization of Dregs and Its Like




Project Name: LangFang MeiSheng modern Agricultural Science and Technology Park
General Description of Chinese Enterprise:LangFang MeiSheng modern Agricultural Science and Technology Park located in YongQing county, covers 3000 mu.It combine agricultural landscape and landscape to create a set of production and demonstration, technical training, landscape demonstration, tourism is one of the new modern agricultural production demonstration area.
Project contents: The project covers 4000 mu.The construction includes large-scale biogas centralized gas supply projects, organic professional fertilizer factory, back to the water treatment station, 2 sets solar Nikko Station, 100 acres of 5 the water eco-pond, 3,000 acres of the cycle of ecological agriculture cultivation base and 3 farms,modern agricultural technology CITIC and science training center,
Investment Estimation and Fund Sources: The total investment is 82 million US dollars , in which foreign capital 32 million US dollars .
Market Analysis: Company will be a modern ecological agricultural science and technology industrial park project as the core around Beijing and Tianjin in the project site planning and construction of eco-energy area of the whole industry chain.Agricultural planting, eco-tourism and waste disposal combination of stroke one distinctive characteristics, reasonable structure, complete functions, economic development zones.
Analysis of Economic Benefit: When the Agricultural Science and Technology Park
completed and put into production after all, normal annual sales income will be 41.5 million US dollars, total profit and tax of 31 million US dollars
Cooperation Form : Joint venture, cooperation or other forms
Content : Yang Damin
Tel : 0086-316—2779899   15530611111
Add: HanCun town, YongQing county,LangFang city,HeBei province
Postcode : 065000
Project Name: Demonstration Project of Modern Agricultural Sightseeing Tour of Langfang Jinfeng Agricultural Science and Technology Exposition Garden
Project Description: Demonstration garden of agricultural sightseeing tour is mainly engaged in innovative and high technological exhibition, special fruits, vegetable picking and is supported by service items including entertainment, food, accommodation, traveling, etc. It is a three-dimensional demonstration garden of agricultural sightseeing tour, which combines travel, entertainment, holiday sightseeing as well as plantation, cultivation and processing with agricultural innovative and high technology, covering total land of 3,000 mu which was divided 4 areas including 14 functional gardens with total construction area of 1308404.41 m2.
Investment Estimate: The total investment of this project is RMB 1.0692762 billion, including US$ 116.56 million of investment of fixed assets andUS$60 million of circulating fund.
Market Analysis: Most of people has been enjoying green consumption, the industry of green food has the fastest development in world agriculture.
Output of world green food, predicted by foreign experts, will increase by US$100 billion in the coming decade. Annual consumption growth rate of green food will amount to 20%-30%. With its rapid expansion, China’s green food has huge potential market and better export potential, therefore high-tech ecological agricultural garden mainly based on green food production directed a new way of modern agricultural development. As the society grows, tour sightseeing agriculture and leisure agriculture have become the trend in the development of modern world. The expectation for natural and pastoral life has boomed gradually because the people in city feel so exhausted about the boisterous nervous urban life. The two major cities next to Langfang, Beijing and Tianjin, has nearly 30 million permanent residents, in which mostly desire to sightsee in rural areas, in addition, there have been considerable amount of urban residents who are capable of participating agricultural sightseeing tour. With the economic development, this consumption group will keep expanding and the consumption level will also keep improving. Sightseeing leisure agriculture has become the new major consumption of urban residents. Langfang City is a burgeoning tourism city with about 5 million tourists each year, it is believed that the establishment of demonstration project of modern agricultural sightseeing tour will become a key hot spot in tourist attractions in Langfang City.
Construction Conditions: This project is located at the north of so-called Bright Pearl Beijing-Tianjin Corridor - Heping Road, Langfang City, between our capital Beijing and China’s biggest port city Tianjin, in the hinterland of Great Beijing Economic Circle, which is the third major economic area growing in China. The distance from urban district to Beijing is 40 kilometers and 60 kilometers to Tianjin. There are two major municipalities directly under the central government, two international airports, five highways as well as six railways, which offered the advantaged position and transportation for this project. Furthermore, many favourable conditions in respect of human surroundings, market requirements, developing trend, peripherial environment, infrastructure, etc are helpful for the establishment of this project, so the market prospect is quite optimistic.
Analysis of Economic Benefit: It is predicted that annual profit will reach RMB 413.80 million.
Situation of Chinese Company: Langfang Jinfeng Animal Husbandry Cultivation Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 locating in Langfang City. Since the establishment, the company has scrupulously abided by its operational principle of Based on Honesty and Human, Developing Economy, Guiding People to Wealth, as well as the developing road of High Standards, High Technology, High Requirement, Scientific and Standardization, set up in succession six branches including Langfang Jinfeng Animal Husbandry Cultivation Group Co., Ltd., Langfang Jinfeng Agricultural Science and Technology Exposition Garden Co., Ltd. The registed capital of the group company is RMB 65 million, total value of fixed assets is RMB 350 million, 1200 existing staff in which there are 120 all kinds of senior professionals and 300 intermediate professionals, personnel who graduated from colleague or university cover 76.2% in total members of the company. The project can be ensured developed smoothly due to the company’s abundant economic strength and management experience.
Cooperation Mode: both joint venture and cooperation.
Name of the Company: Langfang Jinfeng Animal Husbandry Cultivation Group Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Qian Zhigang   Position: Personnel of Project Development Department
Contact Address: Jinfeng Agricultural Science and Technology Garden, North Heping Road, Langfang City
Telephone: 0086-316-6064333   Fax: 0086-316-6060444
Project Name: Edible Fungi Processing Base
Project Content: This project, covering a land area of 2,000 mu, intends to build the modern eniki mushroom, packaging material plant, organic fertilizer plant, Chinese Fungi Culture Museum, Wild Fungi Ecological Garden, mountain delicacies gallery, business mushroom grange, mushroom picking and scenery garden, research and training center, fungi strain and logs, mushroom exporting and processing area. It plans to produce 360 thousand tons of mushroom a year.
Investment Estimation and Fund Sources: The total investment for the project is US $338 million, including foreign capital of US $100 million.
 Market Analysis: As the living standards are constantly improving, the green food that is healthy, nutritious and safe has become the daily diet on the dining table. Edible fungi as one of the popular green food, are enjoying an increasingly brisk market. The consumption amount and consuming groups are expanding, generating greater demand. So this project is blessed with gigantic market potential and prospects.
Construction Conditions: This project is located on the north end of Heping Road, Langfang city, 40 kilometers from Beijing and 60 kilometers from Tianjin. In the area 60 kilometers around the project, there are two municipalities directly under the Central Government, two international airport, five expressways, and six railways. The advantageous geographical location and traffic facilities will guarantee the success of this project.
Analysis of Economic Benefit : When it is completed, this project will realize annual sales income of US $511.8 million, profit of US $190.9 million. The investment recovery period is 8.04 years.
General Description of Chinese Enterprise: Langfang Jinfeng Nongkeyuan Co., Ltd. is one of subsidiaries of Langfang Jinfeng Stock Raising Group Company. With a registered capital of RMB ¥65 million and fixed assets of RMB ¥350 million, the company has 1,200 employees, including 120 senior professionals, and 300 intermediate professionals. Its strong economic power and rich project management experience will ensure the smooth operation of this project.
Cooperation Mode: Joint venture, cooperation and sole proprietorship.
Contact Unit: Langfang Jinfeng Nongkeyuan Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Song Weiping
Address: North End of Heping Road, Langfang City
Tel0086-316-6060444, 13832607088
Project Name: Langfang Huaxia Shenon Green Vegetables Planting Base of Modern Agriculture Project
    Project content: The project covers 1000 mu, mainly to build a modern agricultural demonstration park to agricultural high-tech display, planting and harvesting for the special fruits and vegetables.
    Investment Estimation and Capital Resources: The total investment will be 10 million U.S. dollars , and plan to introduce foreign funds is $ 4,000,000.
Market analysis: Along with the continuous improvement of living standards, health, nutrition, safe green food has become the consumed daily species; Special green vegetables as one of the popular green food, is paid more and more attention by the market. The sales volume of special green vegetables marekt and the consumer groups are increasing, demand is also growing. The project has a huge potential market, and the market prospect is broad.
    Construction Conditions: The project will contrust in Guang Yang District, Langfang City, which is 40km away from Beijing city and 60km from Tianjin. In 60 km radius has two municipalities, two international airports, five highways, six rail lines, there is a unique location and transportation advantages. Construction conditions are very favorable.
Economic Benefit Analysis: After completion of the project is estimated the annual sales income of $ 88,000,000, a profit of $ 8,000,000.
Brief Introduction of Chinese Organizer: Langfang Huaxia Shenon Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, which is focus on the agricultural information technology area for a long-term. In 2001, it undertaken the National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project of Agriculture Network Special, in 2009, the pilot assumed the New National Integrated Information Services in Rural area of Hebei Province of the New Integrated Information Service System in Rural Areas Project. The project company has registered capital 10 million yuan, fixed assets worth 50 million yuan,200 employees, among which 20 senior professionals, 30 mid-level professionals. It has strong economic strength and rich project management experience to ensure the normal operation and the implementation of the project
Cooperation mode: Joint venture or Cooperation
Contact Unit: Langfang Huaxia Shenon Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact: Wenshun Cui
Tel: 0086 -316-2193151-808      18603163811
Fax: 0086 -316-2193152
Address: No. 188-4, Heping Road,Langfang,Hebei
E-mail: cuiws@fweb.cn
Project Name :The Deep Processing of Agricultural Products Base Guangyang District Langfang City
Project Contents:The Deep Processing of Agricultural Products Base is locatede in Langfang Guangyang Industry Cluster Area ,covering an area of 124 mu , a floorage of 85,000 sq.m .We manufacture production workshop , office area , examining room and attacted facilities .
Investment Estimation and Fund Sources  :The total invest volume of this project is about US$ 51 million ,including US$30 million for construction capital and 50,000,000 yuan for circulating funds .
Market Analysis: With the high-speed development of agrucultural products , the deep processing of agriculture has become a major trade in upgrading agriculture products and promoting
the content of science & technology ,which makes people a better life and give an impetus of crop raising and aquaculture.
Construction Conditions : Langfang Guangyang Industry Cluster Area (hereafter referred to as“ Park”), located in southeast Langfang City , which runs from Langfang Development Zone in the north to FOXCONN Park in the south and downtown in the west ,Tianjin in the east.The industrial aera is 40 k.m form Beijing ,60 k.m from Tianjin ,70 k.m from Capital Airport and Tianjin Airport respectively , which has evolved a unique regional advantages to develop economy relying on central cities, air harbour and seaport.It needs one hour to arrive at the Capital International Airport ,Tianjin International Airport , Tianjin New habour ,realizing Sea-borne, Air-borne and Land-surface Transportation  (SALT) .
Economic Benefit Analysis: This project is able to bring about 250,000,000 yuan RMB of selling income and realize 80,000,000 yuan RMB of profit on sales with 24.62% profit margin and 4.38 years of inventment recovery .
Investment Environment::Keeping abreast of the high-speed development of Bohai economic circle , the regional economic integration and internationalization ,the park built a large-size modern service industry and manufacturing base . General plan of The industrial aera has an area of 10.6 sq.km .The industrial aera is the only land for industrial usage left by Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei hinterland. 4 sq.km. in Phase One , which has been brought into line with Langfang City Overall Plan(2008-2020) , was examined and approved by local government . There are two turnpikes from north to south and three from west to east ,15 k.m in total length .
Cooperation Form:Joint venture , foreign-owned enterprises , cooperative businesses
Contact Person:liuyan  
Name of Unit :Inviting investment department , Langfang Guangyang Industry Cluster Area
ADD : East Ring Road ,Langfang City
Tel: 0086-316-2833888 13582774125 
Fax 0086-316-2833900
E-mail: lfgica @163.com
Website: www.lfgica.cn
Project Name: Large fruit processing factory project
Project Content: Project includes a fruit pre-selecting factory, fruit storage station and a fruit deep processing factory. We plan to use high-quality fruits produced from thousands mu of our fruit planting base to build a large fruit processing factory having advanced technology and equipment which comprises production and sale in one.
Construction Scale: Project occupied a floor space of 100 mu. A fruit pre-selecting factory, fruit storage station and a fruit deep processing factory shall be built. An annual output value is 30,000,000 Yuan RMB.
Investment Estimation and fund Source:100,000,000 Yuan RMB is planned to be invested.
Economic Benefits and Market Analysis: Market space is very big through investigation of consuming market in Beijing and Tianjin. We can sell 30,000 ton of fruit juice a year. There shall be a wider development prospect so long as take use of existing raw material and regional advantages. It is predicted that annual sale income is 70,000,000 Yuan RMB, sale profit is 21,000,000 Yuan RMB and investment net profit rate is 11% upon completion. Investment recovery period of project is estimated to be five years.
Project Progress: Project review is now being developed.
Cooperation Mode: Cooperative relationship
Unit to Contact: The People’s Government of Wanzhuang Town, Guangyang District, Langfang City, Hebei Province
Contact  Person: Wang Dafang
Tel: 0086-316---6013546
Fax: 0086-316---6012181
Postal Code: 065000
Project Name: food processing dehydrated for a long time out freeze-dried
Project content: Langfang long-Ming Dehydrated Vegetables Co., Ltd. can provide sufficient raw materials, andinvest into workhouse the water and some facilities. The project uses Yongqing Xin Court vegetable bases big advantage, as well as the world's most advanced technology to processlow-temperature vacuum freeze-dried food.
Investment Estimation and Capital Source: The total investment is 10 million US dollars, need to invest 7.5 million US dollars.
Market analysis: With the current widespread cultivation of Vegetables and continuous improvement of people's diet, and pollution-free vegetables, food processing, in foreign countries have good market prospects, and has a long preservation, storage, transport and easy, China's vegetable exports an advanced situation.
Economic Benefit Analysis: After the completion of the project, it can produce 4,000 tons of freeze-dried food supply market, with annual sales income of 17.845 million yuan, profit of 5.575 million yuan real benefits. Estimated payback period of 3.5 years.
Construction Conditions: The company is located west Yongqing County, Pa Road, 4 km east corridor, west of State Road 106, 8.5 km, 65 km away from Beijing, 95 kilometers away from Tianjin port and strategic location, convenient transportation and favorable investment policies, to form a good investment environment.
Tel: 0086-316-6501516
Fax: 0086-316-6504402
Address: YongQingXian big XinGe township in hebei province
Postcode: 065000
Project Name: Extension project of a coarse cereals instant food production line
Chinese enterprise: Wen’an Zhanxiang Grain & Oil Co., Ltd, it is a comprehensive enterprise in agricultural produce deep processing, with an annual productivity of 20 thousand tons of sweetened red bean paste and bean stuffing. Its main products are cereals and oil and instant food. 
Project Contents: The construction site is in the industrial district of Wen’an State Farm, south of Baojing Highway. On another 202 mu of land, the project is to construct 112896 square meters of floorage, including food workshops, storehouses, and complete facilities for production and living. The project is to purchase 583 sets of advanced equipment, such as cleaner and sorting machines, stainless steel soaking machine, automatic constant conveyor and others so as to reach an annual production ability of 280 thousand tons of coarse foodstuff.
Economice Benefit Analysis: When in operation, the company can fulfill a normal annual sales income of 1959 million yuan; profit 318 million yuan; tax 76.1 million yuan, creating 600 new jobs.
Investment estimation: The total investment is 38.35 million US dollars. The company is to self-raise 18.35 million US dollars; and 20 million dollars of foreign investment is needed.
Cooperationg Mode: Joint venture or cooperation
Contact: Wang Zhanxiang
Tel: 86-13932687282
Zip: 065800
Project name: Integrated Utilization of Dregs and Its Like
Project content: The Project covers an area of 40 mu. It is to construct a 10t/d production line for intermittent physical processing of oil so as to secondarily extract 2500 tons of vegetable oil from pressed dregs annually. And it is to construct an animal feed production line with an annual production of 40 thousand tons, as well as workshops and cold-storage. The total floorage is 20000 square meters. It is to purchase a production line of secondary extraction, an SZLH1200 feed production line, and cold storage equipment, 160 sets in total.
Investment estimation and financial resource: The total investment is 19 million US dollars. The company is to self-raise 11 million US dollars and plans to bring in 8 million US dollars.
Undertaker of project: Langfang Hongxin Limited Company of Feed Science and Technology
Construction site: Xinqiao Farm of Wen’an
Analysis of profit: Once in production, the production of vegetable oil is 3000 tons,(including 300 tons of sesame oil, 2700 tons of mixed vegetable oil)50 thousand tons of mixed animal and fowl feed. The project creates 80 new jobs, bringing in 130 million Yuan of sales income, profit 20 million Yuan, and tax 4 million Yuan.
Mode of cooperation: Joint venture or cooperation
Contact: Xu Guoliang
Tel : 13931651920             ZIP: 065800
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