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2012 LangFang Key Project Introduction - Urban & Rural Construction and Infrastructure Project

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Urban & Rural Construction and Infrastructure Project
91. Hebei Sanhe Fushan Economic Development Zone water supply project
92. Building Sewage Treatment Plant in Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Area
93. Chaobai Dachang Industrial Park Standardization of 50,000 square meters of new industrial projects
94. Wen’an County Garbage Treatment Plant
95. Secondary Center for South of Langfang City, in Langfang Longhe Hi-tech Industrial Zone
96. Langfang New Industry Demonstration Area of Hebei Province
97. Dachang County, Southern Industrial Function Zone Project
98. Qinghua high-tech Industry Base
99. Industrial Park, the overall development project
100. The Project on Building 170,000m2 Standard Factory Buildings Guangyang District Langfang City



Project Name: Hebei Sanhe Fushan Economic Development Zone water supply project
Profile of the undertaker : Sanhe Guohua Mining Construction Investment Company Ltd. is located in Hebei Sanhe Fushan Economic Development zone , the registered capital is 10 million yuan, mainly engaged in public works construction and mining investment in the comprehensive development and control .
Project content and scale : The project is expected to cover an area of 42 mu, supplying 50,000 tons of water daily.
Investment estimation and capital source : The total investment is expected to be $15,000,000, and plans to use $10,000,000 of foreign capital.
Market analysis: Hebei Sanhe Fushan Economic Development Zone is located at the junction of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, superior location and convenient transportation. Meanwhile, the number of enterprises increases quickly with the rapid progress of development zones , needing to focus on the construction of water supply .
Benefit analysis: When the project is completed , it can supply 50,000 tons of water daily.The project can achieve $7,000,000 of sales income, $1,500,000 of profit.
Construction condition: The project is located in Hebei Sanhe Fushan Economic Development Zone which has an incomparable location advantage .Sanhe Economic Development Zone is located in the hinterland of Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan economic zone, the forefront of the Green Economic Circle around Beijing.Taking the standards of "Nine Supplying and one Flat", Sanhe Economic Development Zone increases infrastructure investment, and facilities has been greatly improved. Jingping Expressway,Jinji Expressway and Jingha Expressway are around the development zone.102 state highway, main line and branch line of Mizhuo Expressway, Jingqin railway and Daqin railway run through the development zone,which brings greatly convenient and unlimited business opportunities for investors.
Form of cooperation: joint venture or cooperation
Contact : Chen Yongjin     Tel: 13932644050
Fax: 0086-316-3180015          Email: YU21008@163.com
Project Name: Building Sewage Treatment Plant in Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Area
Project Content: We plan to build the North Sewage Treatment Plant in Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Area with daily sewage treatment of 50,000 tons per day, which will cover an area of 50 mu.
Investment Estimation and Fund Sources: The total project investment is US$ 14.70 million, and we plan to utilize foreign funds of US$ 10 million.
Market Analysis: At present, China’s urban sewage treatment rate is about 60%, however, compared with developed countries, there’s obvious difference. The sewage treatment rate in European and American developed countries is more than 80% in general, and the sewage treatment rate in U.S.A. and Holland is even over 90%. In accordance with the planning objectives of Ministry of Construction, by the end of the “Eleventh Five-Year”, the sewage centralized treatment capacity in Chinese cities and towns will reach about 100 million tons per day. The project meets the national industrial policy, and with rapid development of Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Area, the water consumption will be continuously increased, and the sewage treatment capacity will also be increased accordingly, therefore, the project construction is necessary.
Analysis of Economic Benefit: Upon completion, we estimate that the project can realize annual income of US$ 2.3 million with profits and taxes of US$ 1.1 million, and sewage treatment of 50,000 tons per day.
Construction Condition: We plan to construct the project in east side of Yingbin North Road and north side of Xingfu Canal of Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Area. The development area is equipped with perfect infrastructure, smooth land, and convenient traffic. In addition, the water supply and water displacement for enterprises and residents in the area can meet the requirements of project, therefore, the project has very good construction condition.  
General Description of Chinese Sponsoring Unit: Head Office of Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Area attaches to the municipal administration company, which is subordinated to Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Area. The company has the registered capital of RMB 150 million with service scope of municipal development, construction, design, and planning etc.
Cooperation Mode:Joint venture and cooperation.
Contact Person: Wang Rong 
Contact Tel: 0086-10-61594131
Fax: 0086-10-61594131
Mailing Address: No. 1, Xinggong East Street, Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Area, Beijing 
Postcode: 101601
Project Name:Chaobai Dachang Industrial Park Standardization of 50,000 square meters of new industrial projects
General Description of Chinese enterprises: Dachang Hui Autonomous County Dinghong Investment Co., Ltd. was established in December 8, 2006, registered capital of 150 million yuan. The existing staff of more than 30 of whom have a Bachelor degree or above accounted for 90%. Under the Department of Management, Finance Department, Service Center, investment, investment service centers, land planning center, engineering center construction department 6. Dachang Industrial Park, Southern District since its inception, the intense preparations for the early construction of various infrastructure facilities and investment park job. Company commissioned by management consulting firm BearingPoint to complete the park as positioning studies to determine the priority to the development of industry. Overall plan for the park RTKL senior experts from the United States will see. After full investigation and study argues that the industrial area to determine the direction of the six major industries as "modern services", "Creative Industries", "education industry", "Logistics Industry", "BPO / ITO industry," "The manufacturing industries of the city people's livelihood."
Project content: The project covers an area of 1 220 mu, the standardization of construction steel frame structure of 47,000 square meters of industrial plant, ancillary facilities building area 3000 square meters, total building area of 50,000 square meters. Mainly the introduction of modern processing and manufacturing of precision machinery and equipment.
The investment estimates: A total investment of 19 million dollars, all raised by the enterprise. Intended use of 6 million U.S. dollars of foreign investment, the Chinese side of land and some plant funded discount (equivalent to 13 million dollars), the foreign investor to cash.
Market Analysis: With the social and economic development, the replacement of old and new products continue to accelerate rapidly to require investors to create a production base, occupying the market. Factory from the original construction of the foundation to the completion of required around two years before the official start, as investors are not only waste time and missed opportunities for development, so investors need for a convenient and efficient mode of production. Beijing region of the relocation of industrial enterprises, for the development and construction of modern, in line with international standards of industrial plants is to provide a good market development space, industrial plant and supporting facilities, industrial parks will help foreign investment, this project has tremendous economic and market prospects.
Economic Benefit Analysis: The project construction period is 24 months, mainly for investment in construction investment. After the completion of the project can achieve sales of 86 million yuan, profits and taxes 16 million yuan.
Construction conditions: The project site at Dachang Chaobai industrial zone, 40 kilometers away from the center of Beijing, 100 kilometers away from Tianjin, the convenient transportation, communications, water, electricity facilities.
Cooperation Form : Sole proprietorship, joint venture
Address: Chaobai Dachang Industrial Park Management Committee
The Faculty : Wang Junmin
Call :0086-316-8968042
Postal Code: 065302
Project NameWen’an County Garbage Treatment Plant
ContentsThe project covers an area of 130 mu. It is to construct garbage disposal plant, waste water treatment station, central management area, and supporting facilities.
Estimation Of Investment & SourceThe total investment of the project is 4.49 million US dollars. The Chinese Party is to selfraise 1.0 million US dollars; it is planned to bring in 3.49 million US dollars of foreign investment.
Market AnalysisWen’an Town has a population of 60 thousand, daily producing 115 tons of house refuse. With the development of the county’s economic construction, and with the improvement of people’s living standard, the garbage production also increases. After the project is completed, it will solve the problem of garbage transfer and disposal, making the city environment suitable for living and suitable for starting businesses. It is also a necessary infrastructure project for city development, serving the local economic development better and making the city image better.
Construction ConditionThe project site is the former Mazhuang Brick Factory, Liume, Wen’an. It has good construction and geological qualities. It conforms to the clinical protection distance, and has room for future expansion, which is convenient for the disposal of waste water and sludge. It enjoys convenient transportation, water and power supply.
Economic Returns AnalysisThe Garbage Treatment Plant is of public benefit. It is good for the construction of the town, good for improving the city environment. It plays an important role in making a clean city, bringing great social and environmental benefit. The recovery of investment depends mainly on garbage fee, government allowance, product development and waste recycling. With the county economic development, with the improvement of technology, and with the concept of protecting the environment reaching deeper into people’s mind, the government will invest more, encouraging waste recycling and garbage treatment product development. Garbage treatment will be an advantageous program, boasting bright market future.
Introduct To The Chinese PartyEnvironmental Hygiene Department of Wen’an Construction Bureau has a staff of 80, including 5 technicians. This Bureau has been honored as Advanced Unit Of Langfang City In Urban Affairs two years in a row.
Cooperation ModeJoint venture or cooperation
Contact UnitEnvironmental Hygiene Department of Wen’an Construction Bureau
ContactChen Yongzhan    OccupationDirector
ADDSouth of Nanhuan Road, Wen’an Town, Wen’an County, Hebei Province, China
Project Name: Secondary Center for South of Langfang City, in Langfang Longhe Hi-tech Industrial Zone
Contents: The local government has expropriated a piece of land of 1514 mu for the project. With an all-in one shopping mall occupying total building area of 1.087 million square meters, the project will mainly provide Anci District and Longhe Hi-tech Industrial Zone with comprehensive commercial services, cultural and amusing facilities and living supports including shopping, catering, leisure and amusement and so on. 
Investment Estimation and Capital Sources:The total investment of the project is about USD 580 million, including fixed assets of USD 575 million and foundation and circulating fund of USD 5 million. We will invest USD 200 million in the form of land and equipment and invite foreign funds about USD 380 million that occupies 65.5 % of the total investment.
Market Analysis: According to the General Planning of Urban Area of Langfang City (2006-2020), the main urban area is the political and cultural center of the whole city. Anci District, as an important part of the main urban area, will lay emphasis on reconstruction of old urban area south to the railway and construction of Longhe Hi-tech Industrial Zone. A new urban area supported by high-tech industry, modern service industry and advanced equipment building will feature employment and near-resident balance. The main task of Chengnan Center, as the district-level center, is to provide Anci District and Longhe Hi-tech Industrial Zone with comprehensive commercial and trade service, cultural and amusement facilities and living supports.
Construction Conditions: The project is located in the north-west of Longhe Hi-tech Industrial Zone, a piece of land south to south ring road of Langfang City, north to Longhe River, east to Yinhe Road, and west to Changpu Road. The complete and sound infrastructure has formed in this piece of land for the project, such as road, supply of water, electricity and gas, heating and communication. Traffic gird with layout of two transverse lines and three lengthwise lines has appeared and the total traffic mileage reaches up to 20 km; integrated layout of pipe network for water supply, drainage, electric power, communication, gas supply and heating has been accomplished; a 110KV substation has been established; the first stage of a heating center has been already finished which can meet the steam consumption of 100 tons per hour. Moreover, special electric power supply loops, reconstruction of ditches, and a sewage treatment work with daily disposal capacity of 80 thousand tons and its pipeline shaft have been completed too.
Economiy Benefit Analysis: The construction period of the project is 3 year and the estimated payback period is 7 years (including 3 year’s construction period). The project can provide 50000 jobs.
Present Status of the Chinese Enterprise: Langfang Shengshi Construction and Investment Co., Ltd., as a large non-government corporation with registered capital of RMB 100 million, is the investor, operator and manager of Longhe Hi-tech Industrial Zone, whose main duty is to invest in and construct infrastructure, invite foreign investment, provide related service and management.
Cooperation Mode:Joint venture, cooperation or other acceptable modes
Contact Unit:Langfang Shengshi Construction Investment Co., Ltd.
Contactperson and PositionSuoFengTao, Deputy General Manager
Add:Management Committee of Longhe Hi-tech Industrial Zone, Jianshe South Road, Langfang City, Hebei Province
Tel: 0086-316-2670699   Fax: 0086-316-2670999
E-mail: suofengtao@drip.com.cn
Project NameLangfang New Industry Demonstration Area of Hebei Province
Project ContentLangfang New Industry Demonstration Area of Hebei Province is the demonstration area of provincial level approved by the People’s Government of Hebei Province. It is the first choice area for Hebei Province undertaking the Beijing-Tianjin high-end industry transformation in the future. The total planning area of the demonstration area is 72.96 km2, in which the initial area is 10km2. The provincial government has given great support on land and capital policy and the power of administrative examination and approval, thus, make the demonstration area truly become the“three lows and one high” investment depression with low living cost, low business cost, low administrative cost and high-level service.
Construction ConditionsThe demonstration area is located at the fringe area of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the central area of Circum-Bohai Economic Circle, it is connected with Beijing in the north, adjacent to Tianjin. In the demonstration area, the topography is flat, the land is sufficient and most of which is the underdevelopment land, so the land acquisition would not involve removal of villages and towns, which is advantageous to the large scale development and construction. This area is surrounded by 4 expressways—Beijing-Taipei Expressway, Langfang-Cangzhou Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Expressways, Tianjin-Baoding Expressways and 3 trunk lines of Beijing-Baoding Railway, Beijing-Baoding Inter-city Railway and Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway, in which the Beijing-Taipei Expressway crosses over the northern part of the demonstration area with two exits reserved, at present this project has been started formally. In the demonstration area, there are one set of 220kv transformer substation and two sets of 110kv transformer substation existed, furthermore, the storage reservoir for the south-to-north water diversion project has been constructed in the southern part o the demonstration area and the west-east natural gas transmission project closely next to the north side of the area and there's the valve house equipped, the daily gas supply capacity can reach to 1 million m3, which can completely meet the demand for the development of projects in the area. Meanwhile, the infrastructure supporting projects such as water supply and drainage as well as sewage water treatment of the demonstration area has entered the stage of planning and construction and can be put into service in August next year.
Investment Orientation and Key Point: Focus on developing the communication network appliance, panel display, semiconductor lighting, core electron components and internet of things etc. High-end Equipment Manufacture Industry focus on developing the intelligent processing system, special equipment of emerging industry, intelligent instrument and automatic control system and optical, mechanical and electronics integrating equipment etc..Biopharmaceutical Industry focus on developing innovative medicine, genetic engineering medicine, new-type vaccine, biochip and biomedical engineering etc. New Energy Industry focus on developing integration of photovoltaic new energy and power station system and smart grids etc. Emerging Industry focus on developing high-end logistics and base of conference & exhibition, R &D and breeding etc.
Contact Uinte: Investment Promotion Bureau of Anci District
ContactYang Jianbo                                  
PositionDirector of Investment Promotion Bureau of Anci District
Phone:+0086-316-2578910     Fax0086-316-2578911
Project Name: Dachang County, Southern Industrial Function Zone Project
Chinese Sponsor: People's Government of Dachang Town
Project content: The project covers an area of 2000 mu, through the introduction of extra-territorial capital, technology, equipment, focusing on construction and development of light industrial property group: 1, to bio-pharmaceutical industry, the electronics and information industries, represented by high-tech industry group; 2, to printing, binding, represented by the modern service industry group; 3, to food manufacturing, agricultural and sideline products processing industry, furniture manufacturing, sports goods industry, apparel manufacturing-focused modern manufacturing industries.
Investment Estimatation: Project total investment of US$439.9million, all the proposed use of foreign capital.
Market Analysis: Industry Park, will absorb the completion of Beijing, Tianjin and other developed areas around the extension of the development of upstream and downstream industry chain.
Construction Conditions: Dachang South Industrial Function Zone Master Plan area is situated south of Dachang County planning area of 2000 mu, mainly occupied by Dachang 1 village, 2 village, 3 village, Xiaochang village, Yuan Village, Dongpengfu village, Xipengfu village, Yu -gezhuang village, such as eight villages of the land. In addition to occupying the region near the town, has convenient transportation, water, electricity, telecommunications, gas and other infrastructure supporting the advantages of better conditions, but also has a great potential for development of private economy is relatively active, abundant labor resources and investment, less the cost of a good investment. Dachang county and economic development in areas of relatively mature compared to the cost of their land and labor prices were relatively low, which makes industrial park in the transfer of the process of undertaking the opportunity to choose more. Therefore, in our efforts to promote propaganda, but also to publicize the advantages of focus.
Economic Analysis: Industrial Park All After the completion of normal annual sales income of 3.0 billion , a profit of 6.5 billion.
The status quo: The Industrial Park covers an area of the region, an area of the field survey mapping is completed, the ongoing project of the preparatory work before the land acquisition.
Cooperation mode: sole proprietorship, cooperation.
Address: Dachang Town People's Government of Dachang Hui Autonomous County, Langfang City, Hebei Province
The FacultyXu Xiaolong
Phone: 0086-316-8950313    Postcode :065300
Project name: Qinghua high-tech Industry Base (Ba Zhou)
Project content: The project is mainly to develop electronic message, new type energy-saving materials, and high-tech projects. The project is take up of 500 mu, and will build 16000㎡ standardized plants. The general investment is RMB 5320 million yuan.
The investment estimatation and fund sourceThe project total investment of 2.5 million dollars,to use foreign capital 2 million dollars,and we hope the investor invest in cash.
Market analysis: The high-tech Industry Base is located in the Bazhou economic and technological development zone. The basic position of this project is electronic message, new type energy-saving materials, and high-tech industries. It combined the good position advantage and the technology advantage of Qinghua University; mainly attract programs with high scientific and technological content, and low energy consumption. The project has good economic and society efficient.
The economic benefit analysis: When the project is finished, the incoming will be RMB 300 million yuan/year, the tax will be RMB 50 million yuan/year.
The environment of the project: Bazhou Economic Technology.
Development Area is lye in the center of Beijing, Tianjin and Baoding. It is north to Beijing 76 Km, east to Tianjin 70 Km ,west to Baoding 70 Km, the Beijing—Kowloon, Tianjin—Bazhou railway and the No. 112,No. 106 high way across the area, it is so convenient. The base installation is very perfect. The product cost is low, the management is high efficient.
The evolve of the project: The project is prepared.
    Cooperation form: joint venture, cooperative business operation, or exclusively foreign-invested venture.
Contact person: Wu weimin Wang guangqing
Add: Yingbin Road,Bazhou Economic Technology Development Area, Hebei Province      
Tel: 0086-316-7225106    
Project Name: Industrial Park, the overall development project
Park Development Goal: To build a "Beijing and Tianjin to undertake radiation, high-tech, modern manufacturing base and export-oriented modern logistics base" according to Park, the nature of the structure of existing enterprises, foreign trade associations entrusted with the strength of large enterprises (group), the investment the company's overall investment to achieve classification development, planning and construction of the park for the labor-intensive and capital-intensive-based import and export trade zones. 
    Park Planning: Tianjin Harbor Industrial Park, the overall planning area of 21.75 square kilometers, of which starting area 3 square kilometers. Now passed its infancy, and three times the area a main road corridors in four road construction, water supply and drainage also completed, the completion of 35KV substation works, is planning the construction of a 110KV and a 220KV substation, natural gas pipelines, Hebei, Tianjin, then into the fiber optic cable have been Park. Nankai University in Tianjin, on the basis of the overall plan to employ the industry-leading team of "father of town planning in Singapore," said Ya Sibai design office in Singapore, Hong Kong grethac decision-making groups, Guangzhou Hopefluent Real Estate Consultants Ltd. for industrial Park conducted a comprehensive, high-level overall planning and industrial upgrading, explicitly states that "one, two axes, four districts" space layout. 
    The project area advantages: Tianjin Port industrial park office in Beijing, Tianjin, Paul triangular center, Hozu road on Metro are equipped with exports, drove 15 minutes, 25 minutes, 40 minutes respectively to reach Tianjin, Tianjin Airport and Tianjin Port. 
    Preferential policies: 1. the implementation of honor existing national, Hebei Province Development Zone on the various preferential policies;
2.actively assist the park's investment enterprises settled in the relevant procedures. 
    Cooperation mode: the industrial park authority entrusted with the daily and long-term investment planning, construction and management.
Contact: Liu Jin chuan
Position:Assistant director
Address:Management committee of the Jingang industry park of Bazhou
Tel:0086-316-7573042     13785617788(mobile)
Project Name: The Project on Building 170,000 sq.km Standard Factory Buildings Guangyang District Langfang City
Project Contents:The Project on Building 170,000 sq.km Standard Factory Buildings is locatede in Langfang Guangyang Industry Cluster Area ,covering an area of 268 mu , a floorage of 170,000sq.m .We build 24 sets of standard factory buildings .
 Investment Estimation and Capital Resources :The total invest volume of this project is about US$20 million
Market Analysis:The industrial aera builds standard factory buildings by renting and selling to decrease the volume of investment and reduce the risk of investment and provides fine production enviroment for electronic-information , auto spare parts , machine-building and other trades .
Construction Conditions: Langfang Guangyang Industry Cluster Area (hereafter referred to as“ Park”), located in southeast Langfang City , which runs from Langfang Development Zone in the north to FOXCONN Park in the south and downtown in the west ,Tianjin in the east.The industrial aera is 40 k.m form Beijing ,60 k.m from Tianjin ,70 k.m from Capital Airport and Tianjin Airport respectively , which has evolved a unique regional advantages to develop economy relying on central cities, air harbour and seaport.It needs one hour to arrive at the Capital International Airport ,Tianjin International Airport , Tianjin New habour ,realizing Sea-borne, Air-borne and Land-surface Transportation  (SALT) .
Economic Benefit Analysis:This project is able to bring about 36,720,000 yuan RMB of selling income and realize 29,376,000 yuan RMB of profit on sales with 21.6% profit margin and 4.63 years of inventment recovery .
Investment Environment:Keeping abreast of the high-speed development of Bohai economic circle , the regional economic integration and internationalization ,the park built a large-size modern service industry and manufacturing base . General plan ofThe industrial aera has an area of 10.6 sq.km .The industrial aera is the only land for industrial usage left by Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei hinterland. 4 sq.km. in Phase One , which has been brought into line with Langfang City Overall Plan(2008-2020) , was examined and approved by local government . There are two turnpikes from north to south and three from west to east ,15 k.m in total length .
 Cooperation Form:Joint venture , foreign-owned enterprises , cooperative businesses
Contact Person: Liuyan   
Name of Unit: Inviting investment department , Langfang Guangyang Industry Cluster Area
ADD: East Ring Road ,Langfang City
Tel: 0086-316-2833888   13582774125  
Fax 0086-316-2833900
E-mail: lfgica @163.com
Website: www.lfgica.cn
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