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Investment Cost

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  With the location advantage of bordering on Beijing and Tianjin, Langfang has the advantage of lower investment cost in comparison with the two cities.

  The labor cost corresponds to 50% that of Beijing and Shanghai, 30% that of Shenzhen and 60% that of Tianjin.

  The land grant fee in Langfang is only 20%~25% that of Beijing, 25%~30% that of Tianjin. New building material is one of the leading industries in Langfang and there are enormous building operation teams. Compared with Beijing and Tianjin, the prices of primary materials are 10% less than Tianjin and 8% less than Beijing. The comprehensive building fee is 30% less than Beijing and Tianjin.

  Water and electricity costs--In Langfang, there are 27 transformer substations of 35KV or above and the national major project--Sanhe Power Plant with 1454.05MVA capacity of main transformer. There are 47 lines of 35KV or above, totaling 727.46 km. Power is supplied by 200KV double-circuit Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan Grid System. There are 3 water plants with 90,000 tons of daily water supply capability. In the national South-to-North Water Diversion Project, one water storage reservoir with 350,000 tons of daily water supply capability is set in Langfang.

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