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Industrial Development

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  The construction of modern industrial system in Langfang presents “a pyramid shape”.

  The “spire” includes internet economy, headquarters economy and innovation economy. In internet economy, Range International Information Group, the largest cloud storage industry base in Asia, is under construction in Langfang. In headquarters economy, the China headquarters of Huawei Company, a tycoon in telecom, the support service center of Anbang Insurance and other companies have settled in Langfang successively. In innovation economy, a large number of scientific research project test bases led by Beijing have entered into Langfang.

  The “tower body” includes advanced manufacturing industry, modern service industry and new agriculture. In advanced manufacturing industry, Foxconn has established its largest North China production base in Langfang. A large number of advanced manufacturing industry projects which face to national market and even global market, such as Beijing Forpetro Sino-rig Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shougang Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd., have settled in Langfang successively. There are also many modern service industry and new agriculture projects.

  The “tower footing” is mainly traditional superior industries, including food processing and manufacturing, furniture manufacturing and circulating, etc.

  In order to build a modern industry system, Langfang offers firm soft and hard environmental support. In hard environment, Langfang supports high-end industry development with high-grade city and high-end industrial parks. According to the urban pattern and functions of “Ecology, Intelligence, Leisure and Business”, Langfang will build a general pattern of “Four-point Group, Embraced by Trees and Water, Eight Centers and Crossed Axis” and we manage to make Langfang a public platform for top-level recreational government and business affairs which is indispensable to the big Beijing and Tianjin area. In soft environment, Langfang has worked solidly to attract high-end industries with high-end soft environment. At present, Langfang has been the “China Best Financial and Ecological City”, “China Financial Innovation City” and “2010 China Best Credit Environment City”. With efficient administrative environment and innovative modes of administration, Langfang will create a development environment that can satisfy people near and far.

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