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Natural Resources

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  There are abundant natural resources in Langfang: flat and fertile lands, four distinct seasons, various types of vegetation and rich mineral resources. Favourable natural conditions give a vast development space for Langfang’s economy.

  Land Resources

  Langfang is rich in land resources. Except the 76 square kilometers of low hills in northern area, 98% of its land is the plain which is flat and open as well as of deep stratum and various soil types, so it is suitable for planting various crops.

  Water Resources

  Located in the middle and lower reaches of Haihe River basin, the water system of Langfang is well developed. Big and small rivers that flow through Langfang total twenty. In general, the average accumulated surface water is 333 million cubic meters each year. Availability of water resources is 774 million cubic meters.

  Climate Condition

  Belonging to the warm temperate continental monsoon climate, Langfang has four distinct seasons: hot and rainy in summer, cold and dry in winter, dry and windy as well as sandy in spring and clear and fresh in autumn. The annual average temperature is 11.9 ℃, the annual average rainfall is 554.9 mm, the annual average frost-free period is 183 days, and the annual average sunshine duration is about 2660 hours. Because of sufficient light and heat resources and the hot rainy season, it is conducive to the growth of crops.

  Mineral Resources

  Langfang is located at the south of the Yanshan Mountain with abundant mineral resources mainly include petroleum, natural gas, coal, flux dolomite, cement rock, red porcelain ceramic clay, meerschaum, underground thermal water and mineral water, etc. Coal is mainly distributed in Sanhe City, north of Langfang and Dacheng County, south of Langfang, and the explored coal reserves are over seven billion tons. Oil and natural gas is mainly distributed in Anci District, Yongqing County, Gu’an County, Bazhou City and Wen’an County, and the explored oil reserves and natural gas reserves are 200 million tons and 18.6 billion cubic meters. The underground thermal water is distributed in every district, city and county of Langfang, the total area of which reaches 1,007.9 square kilometers. Maximum outlet temperature of underground thermal water reaches 93℃; therefore, it has great exploitation value.

  Plant Resources

  The plant resources of the entire city include 127 families, over 400 genera and about 920 species. Cultivated plants include over 100 species under 11 categories, such as food crop, legume, tuber crop, oil crop, cottons and jute, tobacco, medicinal herb, vegetable, melon, fruit and pasture.

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