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Regional Urban System Layout

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  According to the plate concept of north, central and south regions and centered on the main urban area, Langfang will spare on effort to build the northern town cluster that encircles Beijing and the southern town cluster that encircles Tianjin and construct an urban spatial layout of “one body with two wings”. The central region takes constructing regional center as the target, where we will promote the carrying capacity of the resource elements in main urban area and accelerate the “three-point” group construction of the main urban area, Gu’an and Yongqing. The north region focuses on undertaking the function transfer and industry spillover of the capital, where we will comprehensively plan distribution of productive forces, infrastructure and construction of ecology and environmental protection. The southern region is supported by the perfection of transportation, where we will promote industries to concentrate into industrial parks and population to assemble into cities and towns and build a town cluster of multiple parks support and cluster development with Bazhou as the center.

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