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Times Square

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  Times Square is near the Xinhua Road of Langfang, and is being divided into two phases. The first-phase of the project is divided into eastern and central parts, covering an area of 220 mu. The eastern part mainly covers the hard qualitative survey, parking lot, plastic stadium, sunken theater, water curtain film. The central part takes advantage of the natural lake and the green island of the former People's Park; The second-phase of project is the western part, covering area of 160 mu. This phase mainly consists of the museum, senior citizen activity center, juvenile science and technology activity center, and the old railway station site. The first-phase of project has been completed and opened to the public. Covering an area of 70,000 square meters, the square is the largest comprehensive square in our province integrating leisure, entertainment, fitness, and other functions. Major facilities include sculpture fountains, sunken theater, water curtain film, and the plastic stadium. The sculpture in the center of the square is 17 meters high. The surrounding matrix displays running fountains and a main fountain in the sunken theater that dance to music, showing the effect of both hardness and softness.  The sunken theater stands in front of the lake, which can accommodate 2,000 people to watch performances.  The water curtain film replaces the traditional screen with water curtain, and its projection system uses Belgium BACO which is a high brightness projector.  Various pictures in VCD, TV and computer can be shown with the water curtain screen.  The annular plastic stadium is located in the southern part of the square, covering area of 3000 square meters. The square is greened mainly with ginkgos, platanes, Chinese ashes, and pines.  There are more than 300 trees and a lawn of 9,000 square meters with 60% coverage of green land. The whole square is covered with granite stones, whose dominant hue is a warm color. The square displays a grid pattern with a color that is simple, elegant, and unique.

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