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Natural Park

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  Natural Park is located in the West Outer Ring Road of Langfang City, and is a landscape garden full of joy of nature. It was founded in August 1999 with a total floor area of 2,378 mu.

  The ecological environment in the park is excellent containing 90% forest coverage and 0.8 canopy densities.  Thousands of birds in dozens of varieties such as fringillidae, accipitridae, ploceidae and oriolidae inhabit in the forest. The design and construction style of the park aims to express the subject of “human & nature”. The primary forest, scenic spots and landscapes are take visitors back to nature. This has enhanced the ornamental function of the natural landscapes and improved visitors’ cultural taste. It is a well-known wonderful place for travel, vocation, leisure, fitness and cultivating taste of visitors. 

  The park has dense shade, the joy of nature, green landscapes connected by bridges and winding paths leading to secluded spots. In the hot summer, the forest is surprisingly cool and peaceful from the chirping sounds of the cicadas.

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