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New Century Pedestrian Street

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  The New Century Pedestrian Street is located in central parts of Langfang with 8 main Streets and a total length of 5 kilometers. The New Century Pedestrian Street has long distance, large construction scale, broad scope of business, novel architectural style and splendid overall imagery. At present, it is the longest urban business pedestrian street in the world.

  The architectural complex of New Century Pedestrian Street is European style. The street entrance adopted the architectural form of the triumphal arch, which is grand and magnificent. The 36-meter-wide street garden is an exotic leisure area with lush trees all year round. The buildings on both sides of the pedestrian street adopted a European architectural style, which is fresh and bright. There are dozens of architectural sculptures, sky bridges, gardening, fountains, and corridors with interesting and novel shapes as well as bright colors which not only capture the mind but also please the eye. While wandering on the New Century Pedestrian Street, you are in an elegant environment of leisure, recreation and shopping, where you can leisurely enjoy a modern lifestyle.

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