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ENN Art Avenue

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  The ENN Art Avenue is a landscape style urban arterial road of Langfang city, which is 100 meters wide and 2.85 kilometers long. The landscape of the Avenue consists of two main roads which are 12 meters wide separated by a green landscape belt that is 12 meters wide in the middle, and green belts that are 26 meters wide on both sides naturally combined with waterscape. The waterscape fully reflects the intimate relationship between man and nature. The entire avenue is a combination of points, lines and surfaces ornamented with various modern sculptures on both sides. It has increased the modern sense and artistry of the avenue and enhanced the taste and connotation of the landscape Avenue. The Urban Planning Mountain at the west end of the Avenue is a complex of architecture and sculpture that fully embody Langfang’s construction philosophy--“to maintain the planning as firm as a mountain”.

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