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Xianghe Grand Epoch City

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  The Grand Epoch City is located in the Xianghe Economic & Technical Development Zone of Hebei Province, which contains the gold mile of common border shared by Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Its gross floor area is 2.66 million square meters with a construction area of 2.33 million square meters (including 470 thousand square meters of building area) with a total investment of over RMB 3 billion Yuan. The Grand Epoch City is 52 kilometers away from downtown Beijing, 70kilometers away from downtown Tianjin and 60 kilometers away from the Capital Airport. 15 kilometers away in the north is Beijing-Shenyang Expressway and 20 kilometers away in the west is Beijing-Shanghai Expressway.

  The Grand Epoch City is a large-scale international conference & exhibition center which integrates tourism, leisure, holiday, recreation, fitness, cate, shopping, video filming, conference, and exhibition. Its appearance imitates the style and features of the city walls of the Capital--Beijing of Ming and Qing Dynasties. It recovered the city pattern of the old Beijing, namely “Nine Gates Inside and Seven Gates Outside” based on the idea of “abbreviating the size not the scenery” and according to a 1:1 scale. It consists of a hollow wall which is 5 kilometers away in the surrounding area, 22 well-arranged gate towers, architectural complex with strong Chinese traditional cultural style and imperial garden with unique ingenuity. Overall style of the City completely reflects the essence of Chinese ancient and modern culture and the extraordinary splendor of national architecture. It is a perfect combination of traditional aesthetics and modern architectural technology.

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