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Shengfang Ancient Town

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  The Ancient Town of Shengfang is located in the east of Bazhou, which is 35 kilometers away from Tianjin to the east and 120 kilometers away from Beijing to the north. Shengfang is a famous northern river town in China. Legend has it that Emperor Qianlong had visited Shengfang wearing plain clothes and described the town as “the fragrance of lotus in the water of Shengfang will leave a good name forever”. Since then, Shengfang was famous all over the world. The Courtyard of Family Zhang and the courtyard of Family Wang were built in the late Qing Dynasty and combine Chinese traditional and European architectural styles. It is referred to as the small museum of modern architectural aesthetics. In Shengfang festive lanterns are very famous.  Every Lantern Festival held in Shengfang is bustling with noise and excitement and several ten thousands lanterns of various shapes light up the night. Meanwhile, various performances such as drama, Chinese folk art, songs & dances, and acrobatics are also be held. Shengfang has developed an industry from festive lanterns. Its products are not only sold to the provinces of China but also exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia etc.

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