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Ancient Battle Tunnel of Song and Liao Dynasty

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  The Ancient Battle Tunnel of the Song and Liao Dynasties is a rare underground wonder. In 1988, according to local historical record and folk legend, Yongqing County found during a trial excavation that the ancient battle tunnel within Yongqing County covers an area of 300 square kilometers. Starting from Nanguan of the County, the tunnel extends to the southeast and southwest and consists of a complex structure. In December of 1989, more than 20 experts and scholars from Chinese Academy of Social Science, National Committee of Cultural Relics, Capital Museum and Ancient Military Institute arrived at Yongqing to conduct an investigation and demonstration. They confirmed that the tunnel in Yongqing is the battle tunnel for “the Song Dynasty resisting the invasion against the Liao State” during the Song and Liao Dynasties.  This   supplements the records that official history had lacked.  Professor Shi Shuqing, Member and Vice Director of National Committee of Cultural Relics, praised saying “the Great Wall and the Battle Tunnel are Two Wonders Above and Under Ground”. In 2006 the “Yongqing’s ancient battle tunnel relics of frontier juncture of Song and Liao Dynasty” were approved as the sixth batch of key cultural relic site under the State protection by the State Council.

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