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Lingshan Mountain

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  Lingshan Mountain is located in Sanhe City and consists of the scenic locations of Lingshan Tower, Lingshan Temple, Longtan Ravine etc.

  Founded in Liao Dynasty, Lingshan Tower was listed as one of the Eight Sights of Sanhe City. It was rebuilt in Ming Dynasty. In July of 1998, Hebei Classical Gardens Construction Company repaired the tower based on the idea of “repairing the ancient tower to its original state”, which restored Lingshan Tower to its original look.

  Located at the mountainside of Lingshan Mountain in the north of Lingshan Tower, Lingshan Temple was rebuilt in 1999 and self-financed by Datanghui Village. Lingshan Temple consists of Mahavira Hall, Hall of Bodhisattvas and Hall of Heavenly Kings. After construction was completed, Lingshan Temple and Lingshan Tower added radiance and beauty to each other and blended in together.

  Longtan Ravine is seven li away from Lingshan Mountain in the northeast and neighbors Ketou Ridge to the west and connecting Jiangfushan Basin in the east with a total length of 4 li. Going up along the ravine from Lingshan, you can see that the bottom relief of the ravine goes up and down with cliffs on both sides.  Some sections have vertical and horizontal valleys and some have lofty fantastic rocks. It was named after the vauclusian spring (Longtan in Chinese) in the ravine. Longtan Ravine has beautiful natural landscape and several scenic spots such as Crocodile Pool, Longtan Valley, One-Line-Sky, Elephant Gully, and tiger’s cave valley.

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