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Beiwu Mosque

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  Beiwu Mosque is located in Beiwu Village and is the largest Huis Village of Dachang Hui Autonomous County. It is 40 kilometers away from Beijing to the west and is one of the top ten big mosques in Hebei province. Sitting in the west and facing the east, the mosque was expanded During Wanli Period of Ming Dynasty, with the year of its first establishment remaining a mystery. Presently, the mosque covers an area of 14 mu, with different shapes of halls, verdant and luxuriant trees, and elegant scenery. The prayer hall can accommodate a gathering of 1200 Muslims. There are eaves in front and mihrab in rear, forming a unified entity that is compact and splendid. The appearance of the prayer hall is saddle roof ridge, undulating and towering. Moon Pavilion, the Quadrangle high pavilion of tower-type at the top of the mihrab, stands tall with shining colors. In the hall, there are felt and mats on the wood floor. The layout of the pavilion is a combination of architecture art between China and Arab. 

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